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Western Australia


Those Funny Animals

Hilarious Golden Retriever Really Wants To Race But.
First Things First

Smiling Dog

More Smiles


Toddler and Dog Sing the Blues


Apparently they are getting some snow in parts of the USA

Snow Plow Parking Deck FAIL


For my Canadian Friends

Seven Day Forecast

Canadian Fishing


What your dollar will buy your around the world


Restore your faith in humanity in 4 minutes flat


If you've ever been to California, especially the Los Angeles area, 
you know that there are a lot of strange companies 
doing business out there.
 Some of the strangest are the "agencies"
 that cater to celebrities, places that will, for a fee,
 analyze your best colors, surroundings, wardrobe, you name it.

A bit up the road, the Gallo winery
 was looking for something for their employees 
to do in the off season.
 Most of the employees had highly trained noses,
 due to their experience in the winery and with wines.
 So, the Gallo brothers took the incentive 
and opened up their own agency in Beverly Hills.
 For a fee, of course, 
you could come in and be 'sniffed' by these trained noses. 
Afterwards, they would analyze your best scents
 for perfume, flowers, incense, and so on.

Well, Marcel Marceau read about this in his Sunday paper,
 and he decided that this was just the thing he'd been looking for.
 So, he called the agency and set up an appointment 
for the coming Friday at 3:00 p. m.

Thursday came, and by this time Marcel was really excited 
about his upcoming appointment.
 He was at home, thinking about how
 he should prepare for his 'sniffing',
 when the phone rang. It was his agent.
 Marcel had to b e at an emergency benefit performance
 for natural disaster victims in Australia.
 He had to be on the plane to Sydney at 3:00 p. m. on Friday.

Marcel was crestfallen. 
He was so much looking forward to his appointment,
 and now he would have to miss it
. Suddenly, he got an idea:
 "I'll call them. I'll try to move the appointment up a few hours."

So, he called the agency and pleaded with the receptionist to
 "Please, PLEASE, let me come in a few hours early for my sniffing."

The receptionist, in her best Beverly Hills attitude,
 practically glared him down through the phone line, saying:
 "Monsieur Marceau! 
We will smell no mime before its time!"


Tightest Parallel Park Record Broken by China’s Han Yue 
 Guinness World Records


Historical Pictures
Black and White images


Sainsbury's  Christmas 2014 Ad
With all the adverts on television telling you to buy this
 and that this holiday season, it can be difficult to remember 
the true meaning of Christmas -
 a time for human compassion and kindness. 
By December 1914, the First World War 
had claimed nearly one million lives across Europe
. On Christmas Eve, despite orders to keep fighting, 
the guns fell silent and something amazing happened


Safety First????


The Carbonaro Effect 
Office Prankster Finds A Partner


The Carbonaro Effect 
Sports Memorabilia Mishap


Odds and Ends

Mean while in Portland


Adrian Romoff
 9-Year-Old Piano Player Wows Judges 
America's Got Talent 2014 
Adrian, a 9-year-old, piano-playing smarty pants wins over the judges
with his charm and amazing musical skills


Things You Never Knew You Could
 Be Arrested For While Abroad
Okay, so most of these laws are pretty antiquated
 and many of these offenses won't actually
 get you more than a fine and a slap on the wrist. 
However, some of these were enacted in the last 5 years,
 and are no joke.


An Artist's impression of the Worlds Tallest Roller Coaster
Opening soon in Florida


This Weeks Signs

Russian insane Truck Driver!