Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Western Australia

The Bungle Bungles are estimated to be 350 million years old...
 give or take a few million


Light Rain


Smiley Pictures


Mork on being a celebrity.

Those Funny Animals

My friend Allison adopted a stray cat
 and took him to the vet to be neutered.
"I'm about 90 percent certain he's been fixed,"
 the vet said.
"How can I be 100 percent sure?"
 Allison asked.
"Watch to see if he does any 'male' things."
"He already lies on the couch all day,"
 she said. 
"If he starts hogging the remote,
 I'll bring him in." 

Humanity Facts


Bill Gates ALS Ice Bucket Challenge




Marmite Vs Vegemite: American Taste Test


10 Places not to live


RIding the rails in style Nullarbor Australia


Odds and Ends

Spectacular footage Train plowing through deep snow
 Arthurs Pass .....    ChristChurch NZ

Thanks Shelagh N


Only needs one trip



Indian Telemarketers learn the 
finer points of speaking Australian
warning...........   some crude language



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