Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Greek Canadians
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Sunday, President Obama talked about his jobs act bill at 1030
from the Rose Garden. The speech was simulcast in Chinese and
Hindi, so the people who will actually get these jobs could follow along.


NASA prank


As a great Music lover
This is one of the best sites i have seen

You can look for any singer,
 wait for the images of the artist and click on any you like
 and you'll hear and watch perform.
 Or type any artist in the search box and....


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 Answers after picture 11

1    Egg Plant
2   Dr Pepper
3  Pool Table
4  Tap Dancer
5   Card Shark
 6    King of Pop
7    I Pod
8   Gator Aide
  9   Knight Mare
10   Hole Milk
11    Light Beer

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 Those Funny Animals

Hugging Seals


A Doctor recently had an old patient in for his annual checkup.
 "How are you feeling today?" the Doctor asked.
"I hear you got married again to a younger woman."
The old man replied,
 "Doctor, you must help me.
 Every time I make love to my new wife, my eyes get all bleary, my legs go weak,
 I can hardly catch my breath.
Doctor, I'm scared!"
The Doctor, looking at his eighty-six-year-old patient, says,
 "Mr. Oldertime, these sensations tend to happen over time --
especially to a man of your advanced years.
 But tell me, when did you first notice these symptoms?"
The old man's responses,
 "Well, three times last night, and twice again this morning!"



Toyota NZ style


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Merle Haggard
Silver Wings


Heaven Help us!!!
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Two men were chatting casually at work
. The conversation turned to golf and one asked the other,
 "Do you play?"
"Yes, the younger man replied,
 "I used to, but I quit because I wasn't very good.
I consistently shot in the lower seventies.
"There was a long, low intake of breath, then the other man said,
 "Lower seventies, huh? Consistently?"
"Yup, Every hole," the man said with a sigh.


The bride came down the aisle and when she reached the altar,
 the groom was standing there with his golf bag and clubs at his side.
She said:" What are your golf clubs doing here"?
He looked her right in the eye and said,
 "This isn't going to take all day,is it?"


A woman goes to the local newspaper office
 to see that the obituary forher recently deceased husband is published.
 The obit editor informs her that there is a charge of 50 cents per word.
She pauses, reflects, and then she says, well then, let it read
"Fred Brown died."
Amused at the woman's thrift,
 the editor tells her that there is a
six word minimum for all obituaries.
She thinks it over and in a few seconds says,
 "In that case, let it read,
"Fred Brown's golf clubs for sale."
They will know.

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Golf Legs

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Bernie and Esther were not the most religious Jews
 and in fact they really only went to Temple once a year.
As they were leaving the Temple, the Rabbi said,
 "Bernie, it sure would be nice to see you and
Esther here more than once a year!"
"I know," replied Bernie, "but at least we keep the Ten Commandments."
"That's great," the Rabbi said.
"I'm glad to hear that you keep the Commandments."
"Yep," Bernie said proudly,
 "Esther keeps six of them and I keep the other four."




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 Australian Dunny [ Out House]

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David T said...

Who said Canadians are reserved, eh? That happened on Sussex Drive, just down the road from the Prime Minister's residence!

Anonymous said...

According to my memory, there is no "Rome" in Australia. Snopes agreed with me :)

toni said...

you keep outdoing yourself - issue to issue.