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Head to Ningaloo and paddle out to the world’s largest fringing coral reef.


Norton Commando Transformer by Steve Twist

thanks Wayne W


Go on...   try not to smile

2014 Chevy Commercial - Maddie

A girl and her dog take a look backward at the life 
they’ve shared growing up together.
 You may want to get a hankie before you watch.
 The ad for Chevy was directed by Lloyd Lee Choi.
Yes, believe it or not, it’s a car ad.
 It should send you right out to buy a car or adopt a dog from the local shelter.


Those Funny Animals

Funny Dog Videos 2014

Dog and Cat

A duck was walking along a stream in Australia 
when he happened upon a platypus standing on the bank. 
The platypus was t holding a sign that read: 
"Homeless. Out of work. 
Please help."

The duck offered to help the platypus 
but not through a simple grant by donation. 
He said he would help the platypus find employment.
 But in the interim he would also loan him 
the money necessary to get on with his life.
 They shook hands to seal the deal 
and each went their separate ways.

Speaking in his simple language,
 he told his wife that evening of what he had done.
 "Duck help out platypus today," he said.
 "Duck feel good. 
Economy get better. Everyone happy."

His wife looked at him somewhat askance 
as she continued to prepare food for the evening's meal.

"What's the matter?" The duck asked

She turned to face him. 
"And what do you plan to do when the platypus
 fails to pay you back?"

"It pretty simple," he replied.
 "Duck bill platypus."


The 2014 Winter Paralympics

550 athletes with disabilities, representing 45 countries,
 Competed in the facilities built for the Winter Olympics.
 Skiing, hockey, and curling are the primary sports,
 and there are divisions in the alpine events for athletes
 who compete sitting or standing,
 or who are visually impaired. sitting or standing, 

St Patrick's Day


Round up your mates for a GUINNESS on St Patrick's Day


O'Malley proposed to his girl on St. Patrick's Day.
 Getting down on one knee, he asked, 
"Will you marry me?" He held out a ring.
 "Yes!" she said, excitedly.
 He put the ring on her finger.
 They embraced.
 That night she visited her father
. "Daddy, look! O'Malley proposed to me," she said,
 holding out her hand to display the ring. 
The father took one look at it.
 "That's not a real diamond," he pointed out.
 "That's a synthetic cubit zirconium."
 She sought out O'Malley the next day.
 "This diamond isn't real!" she protested.
 "Daddy looked at it and said it was fake!"
 "That's right," O'Malley replied
. "It's in honor of St. Patrick's Day.
 It's a sham rock!"


The Centre for Disease Control looked more like a tumor 
on the landscape than the architectural and scientific marvel it really was. 
The vast complex had spread unchecked over the years
 to the point where it threatened to devour its neighbours.

Inside, white-robed scientific types squinted into microscopes,
 sat hunched over rectangles of stained glass the size 
of a Tahitian postage stamp and
 squirted colored liquids into test tubes.

They were searching for a mysterious virus 
which had appeared just weeks before 
and was responsible for an outbreak of tiny, running sores
 that had broken out on the lips of everybody 
who had eaten at Norway Knute's Diner on the evening of June 5th.
 At first, it was thought to be a form of food poisoning, 
but closer examination revealed that an unidentified virus
 was responsible for those sore lips.

For his part, Knute was extremely upset
 that his well-respected establishment
 would be associated with this type of thing.
 It was not the kind of advertising he had in mind.

After some preliminary investigation, 
it was determined that the virus appeared to be a mutated 
form of the dreaded Disgusticus Lipposaurus B virus 
which had been responsible for wiping out
 an entire Japanese village in 1983.
 They were working around the clock to try to check
 the spread of this highly contagious mutant.

Six weeks after the initial outbreak,
 one of the researchers just happened to notice 
that the mutations of the HLB, 
or ''Diner'' Virus as they called it,
 were slowing down and a definite pattern was emerging.
 From there, it became a relatively easy task to predict
 what form the virus would take next and therefore,
 to halt its progress. In short, they found a cure.
 The HLB Virus would be no more.

In recognition of her discovery, t
he young researcher was presented
 with a number of awards and prizes,
 was written up in all the better scientific journals 
and spent the better part of a year on the talk show circuit
 describing her role in the extinction of the 
Diner Sores.

When the beloved 12th Century bell
 in the Mantz City Hall tower cracked,
 the Mayor sought far and wide for someone who could repair it
. All kinds of artisans and craftsmen looked at it and said,
 "It can't be fixed. Replace it."

But the citizens were adamant.
 "We want our bell, not a replacement," they demanded.

Three years after the bell cracked, 
an old woman knocked on the Mayor's door.

I hear you need a bell repaired," the woman said.
 "I'm sure I can repair it
. May I see it?"

The woman and the Mayor climbed up the bell tower.
 She stroked the bell, and tapped it with her knuckles.

"I can fix it, guaranteed. It will cost you 5,000 Euros."

The mayor agreed, 
and the woman went to work. 
Twenty days and twenty nights later, 
the bell was repaired, and its sound rang joyously over the town.

The Mayor handed the woman her check.
 "How can I thank you?" he asked.

The woman grinned.
 "Just nominate me for the Know Bell Prize!"


Too close for comfort


Iconic Old Pictures

Para- Hawking




Ricks at it again


A teenage boy is getting ready to take his girlfriend to the prom.
 Firtst he goes to rent a tux, 
but there's a long tux line at the shop and it takes forever.
 Next he has to get some flowers,
 so he heads over to the florist and there's a huge line there. 
He waits forever but eventually gets the flowers. 
Then he heads out to rent a limo.
 Unfortunately, there's a large line at the rental office,
 but he's patient and gets the job done.
 Finally, the day of the prom comes. 
There two are dancing happily
 and his girlfriend is having a great time. 
When the song is over,
 she asks him to get her some punch,
 so he heads over to the punch table 
and there's no punchline




Price Less


Phun Phacts

Will it Crush

Odds and Ends



Go On and Laugh…You Know You Want to!
it's OK 

The Tube of Mystery


This Weeks Signs

Pizza in Australia



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Sandee said...

Another fun hour here. I loved the dog growing younger with the gal. That was very touching. So loyal. We have an 11 year old that's been with us since about 4 months of age. She's so precious.

Loved the little girl directing the music. She rocked.

Have a fabulous day Phil. ☺