Friday, May 16, 2014

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Touring Australia: National landscapes

why would you ever want to leave!!

Those Funny Animals

Watch Crazy Puppy Party

Dancing Bats
The amazing Bat Brothers, here to entertain you with their singing and dancing!
 You can guess that this video was recorded upside-down


Alle Stadlstern Sieger 2006-2010 - 30 Jahre Musikantenstadl

Dont know a lot about this video.... other than I think its Swiss
If you love music... you will enjoy this
 I  did

Peoples of the World

A young Nenet boy in Siberia plays in -30 degrees

The sky of Pakistan in her eyes

Chhetri woman, Dhorpatan, Nepal

One girl’s illegal train ride in Bangladesh

The Sikh Motorcycle Club of Vancouver

Two brothers in Burma, new versus old

Young Bangladeshi ship-breakers
 working age of 14, who make a dangerous living
 from dismantling old cargo carriers and tankers

North Korean Soldiers Share a Laugh

A child of the Arbore tribe, Ethiopia

Carson Peters and Ricky Skaggs -
 "Blue Moon of Kentucky" 
Live at the Grand Ole Opry



That's a Moron

A sailor was caught AWOL as he tried to sneak on board his ship at about 3 am
. The chief petty officer spied him and ordered the sailor to stop.
 The officer ordered the sailor,
 "Take this broom and sweep every link on this anchor chain 
by morning or it's the brig for you!" 

The sailor picked up the broom and started to sweep the chain. 

Just then, a tern landed on the broom handle. 
The sailor yelled at the bird to leave,
 but it didn't.
 The lad picked the tern off the broom handle, 
giving the bird a toss. 

The bird left, only to return and light once again on the broom handle.
 The sailor went through the same routine all over again, 
with the same result. 

He couldn't get any cleaning done because he could only sweep
 at the chain once or twice before the silly bird came back. 

When morning came, so did the chief petty officer, 
to check up on his wayward sailor. 

"What on earth have you been doing all night?
 This chain is no cleaner than when you started!
 What have you to say for yourself, sailor?"
 barked the chief. 

"Honest, chief," came the reply,
"I tossed a tern all night and couldn't sweep a link!"


Phun Phacts

Very Talented Chinese Girl


This is spectacular.
 I often have wondered why the airline industry
 doesn’t have a live video feed from the aircraft’s nose streamed
 into the cabin in order  to amuse and bedazzle their weary travelers. 
This is the descent into Queenstown , New Zealand . 
It must take great faith in your instruments to pilot
 an approach like this but the rush must be amazing.

Odds and Ends

This was at tune that was a long time in my head, now it is again!
 after all these years now, I found out this 


and another


Clark Retirement Community LipDub




Bars & Melody - Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer act



thanks Brett McG

Taking his seat in his chambers, 
the judge faced the opposing lawyers. 
“So,” he said, “I have been presented, by both of you,
 with a bribe.”
    Both lawyers squirmed uncomfortably.
    “You, attorney Leon, gave me $15,000.
  And you, attorney Campos, gave me $10,000.”
    The judge reached into his pocket and pulled out a check.
  He handed it to Leon, and said, 
“Now, I’m returning $5,000, 
and we’re going to decide this case solely on its merits.”


How some Cities if the World have changed

Shanghai: 1990 vs. 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia: 1960 vs. 2010

Hong Kong, China: 1928 vs. 2014

Paris, France: 1900 vs. 2014

Toronto, Canada: 1930 vs. 2013

Fortaleza, Brazil: 1975 vs. 2011

Long Beach, United States: 1953 vs. 2009

Tokyo, Japan: 1945 vs. 2011

Orange Cone
was put there for a reason


Interesting !!


Unsure if I have posted this before
But here it is



This weeks signs

One day consists of 86,400 seconds. 
This is one of them


Phils Philosophy


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Sandee said...

Wow on the landscapes. Such a beautiful country. Australia is on my bucket list.

There's a fly in my soup. Bwahahahahahahaha.

The crazy puppy party is probably just what they do too.

The bat video was a bit creepy, but then bats are creepy.

Alle Stadlstern Sieger - I loved the music too. What fun.

That 10 year old playing that fiddle was awesome.

I could give up chocolate, but I'm not a quitter either. ☺

Please pass the chocolate lasagna.

'That's a Moron' video is hilarious. The music was spot on too.

Wow that Chinese girl can skate. Very impressive.

That landing into Queenstown, New Zealand was amazing. Going though the clouds was a bit disconcerting though.

The Ventures? I don't remember them, but now that music is stuck in my head.

The Rolling Stones. They were so very young.

Old people (seniors) rock.

Loved the Clark Retirement Community video. Too fun. I would have participated in that Phil.

I've watched that BGT video of the anti bullying rap several times. They are amazing.

Wow, those before and after shots of cities was amazing. You have to see it to really appreciate the changes.

The Orange Cone video was fascinating. He's lucky he didn't get hurt badly or worse.

The doctors video. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Loved the one day consists of 86,400 seconds. I'd not thought of time in this way, but it's spot on. Make good choices.

Another fine couple of hours spent at one of my favorite blogs.

Have a fabulous day and weekend Phil. ☺

Phils Phun said...

Thanks a Million Sandee