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 Western Australia
Cape Kenaudren




Alongside the Olympics, 
he World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world! 
Every 4 years, 32 Countries battle for royal supremacy 
and the right to say they are the Champions!

Displaced people who lost their homes because of the World Cup,
are building makeshift housing

McDonald`s GOL! FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014



New Years 2013 -
 Synchronized Epic Music (Heart of Courage)

From the makers of Fireworks in China

looks fantastic in full screen


Take the QUIZ....


Those Funny Animals

Truly amazing video and panorama.
Climb Mt Everest

If you don't like heights
Then you will cringe at these "selfies"



E-Books for Blondes could just be the perfect way
 to read a book for those that are challenged by technology. 
The convenience and simplicity of having the book
on your iPad or Tablet just can’t be beat.


A few years ago in my back garden there was this ant hill,
 where all the wood ants lived.
This was right near the gate at the back,
 and we let them live there,
 because they weren't causing any hassle
, or eating the foundations or anything like that.
Now, you know how ants have loads of different levels 
in their colonies for different things like larval nurseries, 
well these ants were even more civilized; 
they had sports centers, 
where ants could work out and play ant-tennas
 and other games; 
the ant pile had a cinema,
 showing such cartoons like 'Penelope Pitstop', 
 'Remember the Anthill mob', 
and classics like 'Them'.

On the bottom floor there was a shopping mall,
 where the ants could buy all kinds of ant-related products. 
This particular colony was very commercial,
 and there were a good number of Merch-Ants. 

My next door neighbor, who is a nuclear chemist,
 is a very careless man.
 He is apparently involved in some very well paid
 top secret experimentation with the government, 
and he never talks about his work.

One day, as he was coming round the back of his house,
 (he had locked himself out of the front door,)
he slipped on the wet grass,
 (it always rains here, and he has expensive leather-soled shoes) 
and dropped his briefcase.
Unfortunately he had left his regular briefcase at home that day,
 so he had had to buy a cheap temporary replacement f
rom the market to take home his experiment. 
This bad quality replacement flew open
 as it fell under the gate, 
and a small lump of polonium 
(or was it astatine?) fell out.

Anyway, it was something which had a half life 
long enough to get to the ant hill! 
It jumped out of the case and out from within its shielding,
 (which he had neglected to check,) 
and lodged in the wood ant pile! 

He was a bit squeamish, 
and didn't really feel like plunging 
his hand into an active ant colony,
 so he left it there intending to come back for it later.
 Being as hopelessly forgetful as he was, 
he totally forgot about it.

Meanwhile, within the colony things started to change
 as the radiation started to mutate the ants' genetic code.
Far from growing enormous and red like in most ant horror movies,
 the radiation inhibited their growth hormone production,
 and they lost their pigment producing capabilities.
 You could see through them!

Suddenly things had to change in the hill:
 the stairs had to be smaller,
 and all the equipment had to be shrunk!
 In the shops all the styles were too large,
 and the colors all clashed, 
so they had to make a whole new range 
of clothing and accessories. 
They sold off the old stuff under the promotional line of
 'Reduced for Clear Ants'

Magician Hugues Protat performs an entertaining 
bottle multiplication magic trick on 
The World’s Greatest Cabaret hosted by Patrick S√©bastien. 
I wish I spoke French so I could understand
what he’s saying but the act was funny and entertaining anyway.




Coca-Cola 2nd Lives


People who should win awards for stupidity



Odds and Ends

Eyes on the road




Fishing with Dorritto's


Your Favorite 90s TV Show Cast Members Today


Home Improvement

Married with Children


Bad British Hockey Commentary
If you are a hockey fan don’t take this British NHL Commentary clip 
too seriously because it’s really bad and really funny.


Weird Traffic Laws


"Unsung Hero"
not sure if I  posted this before
if so please enjoy again


This weeks Signs

Phils Philosophy


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Sandee said...

The people are awesome video scared the heck of our hubby and I. Dare devils and then some.

The famous do some good things, but many could do far more and should. Most of them spend their time telling us how we should think about social issues.

The worlds cup is awesome. Exciting, but that traffic jam looks awful.

There's always two sides to every story and the world cup is not so good for many in Brazil.

Loved the McDonald's GOL video. Awesome.

I'd not seen the Heart of Courage video. Wow.

Your Chinese Name Is Xiang

This name means soaring, lucky, and auspicious. All of these terms totally describe you. Your happiness and optimism is appealing to all... and contagious. You spread joy. You are a charming and magnetic person. You have an unstoppable allure. You have had a lot of luck in your life. You feel fortunate, and you are willing to spread your luck around a bit.

I don't like heights and I cringed at the selfies.

E-Books for Blondes. Bwahahahahahahahahaha. I'm a blonde Phil.

The guy with the bottles. He cracked me up hiking up those pants that were already way too high.

Weapons of mass obstruction? Spot on.

Clever stuff with the cola-cola bottles.

The stupid people? You can't fix stupid Phil.

Little Connie was fabulous. Fabulous.

Mobile use is indeed the leading cause of death. Scares me to pieces.

In the US we have way too many people with Ergophobia.

Hubby and I cracked up with the fishing with Doritos. That was hilarious and then some.

Bad British Hockey Commentary? What a idiot.

Unsung Hero, wow.

I believe I should go to the beach too.

Another fun couple of hours over here.

Have a fabulous day. :)