Saturday, July 19, 2014

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Western Australia
in the East Kimberley's


We Can Dance - 
Hollywood Movie Dance Tribute


Because it never hurts to smile

Those Funny Animals

Animal Stunts

5 Pieces Of Life Advice From Sloths


 Moon Pictures


Ksenia Parkhatskaya at the Stockholm Tap Festival



Cell Net ad


What the !!!!


Send In The Clowns
Frank Sinatra sings “Send In The Clowns”
 while you view some classic entertainers from years gone by in this video clip




Rick and Giant Pandas



Amazing Views From The Roofs Of Hong Kong


Girls Don't Poop 


Red, White and Poo USA Quiz 


Odds and Ends

The last say on the World Cup




Conspiracy Theories

 FEMA’s plastic coffins: 
The discovery of over half a million black plastic coffins outside of Atlanta, GA
 led some to believe the government is preparing for martial law 
and the deaths of thousands


Forklift movers Chinese Style


Happy Facts


Ever seen a 4WD truck float upside in water?


at the Duplex


This weeks signs


Best Stunt Fails Compilation

Warning !!!!  contains some  foul language


Phils Philosophy


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1 comment:

Sandee said...

We Can Dance. That was fun. I'd not seen that before.

The animal stunts were amazing. That high wire giraffe was scary.

I love the advice from the sloths. I didn't know any of this about them either.

Wow on the moon pictures. Wow.

Loved the tap festival. My mother was a whiz at the Charleston.

The cell net ad. Bawahahahahahahaha. Yep that's how she ended up that way in the first place.

What the !!!! Very interesting facts indeed. I didn't know any of them.

Send In The Clowns. Loved it. Such talented folks. So very talented.

The pandas and the poop. Bwahahahahahahaha.

I do not speak Canadian. I'm not surprised.

The Hong Kong roof views. Yikes!

Girls don't poop? Bwahahahahahahaha.

Red, White and Poo USA Quiz? I didn't do very well. Okay, I flunked.

It's all good until you hear a banjo. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Conspiracy Theories. They've been happening since the beginning of time. Some truths may never be known.

Loved the Forklift movers. That was brilliant.

Loved the happy facts.

The 4WD truck guy. They way he threw that dog out of the truck pissed me off. I'm just saying. Made me happy his truck ended upside down.

Oh the fails just make me cringe. Looks mighty painful.

Reading can seriously damage your ignorance. That's spot on.

And another fine Saturday morning spent at Phils Phun.

Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺