Saturday, August 16, 2014


Western Australia
Marlgu Billabong Parrys creek Wyndham 
is slowly getting lower as we get further into the dry season 


Robin Williams Tribute


Also this week


Those Funny Animals

"So God Made A Dog" A gift to all of us


Hollands Got Talent
They do it again


Journey to School


Gold Digger Surprise Prank!


Meredith decided to throw a surprise birthday party
 for her good friend, Patty,
 who was turning 50 on Saturday.
 Meredith wanted to make it special, 
so she decided she would have the birthday party
 for Patty outside in the back yard.

The day before, she went shopping for everything she would need.
 Her daughter, just having gotten home from school, 
tagged along to help.

That evening, Meredith started getting everything ready for the party.
 When it came time to bake the cake,
 she was going to look up a cake recipe on the Internet, 
but in a sudden burst of creativity,
 came up with her own cake recipe.
 She got out the ingredients and began to make it.
 It took until the wee hours of the morning 
when she finally finished it but it was a masterpiece.

The next morning,
 she got up and began to prepare for the party.
 Her daughter brought along two friends 
and the four of them together arranged everything
 outside in the back yard. 
The plan was that after everything was set up,
 Meredith would bring over neighbors and friends 
and when Patty was brought into the back yard, 
they'd all yell "Surprise!"

Just as they were finishing, the sky,
 which had been becoming increasingly overcast,
began to sprinkle
. It then became a light rain.

Meredith looked up.
 It wasn't looking good.

"We'll have to have the party inside," she said.
 "Let's move everything in."

Just as the four of them were bringing in the last of the party,
 it really started pouring.

"Just in time," Meredith thought to herself. 
She looked around at all the party remnants.
 "Where's the cake?" she asked.

She looked outside. 
"Oh, Nooooooooo!" she shrieked.
 "Someone left the cake out in the rain!"

"I'll get it mommy," 
the daughter said as she went to the coat closet
 to retrieve an umbrella.

Meredith opened the back door and looked out.
"Never mind," she sighed. 
"It's ruined now.
 Look. See all that sweet green icing flowing down?"

She lowered her head,
 put her hand on her forehead and sadly remarked,
 "I don't think that I can take it,
 'cause it took so long to bake it!"

She looked up and saw the computer across the room.
 The screen saver was wiggling across the monitor.
 She walked over to it, moved the mouse
 and breathed a sigh of relief when the cake recipe
 displayed itself on the screen.

She thought she could just bake another cake
 and maybe have the party tomorrow.
 It's not like Patty knew the party was going on,
 it being a surprise and all.

Just as she was about to save the document, 
there was a power failure.
 The lights went out and the computer screen went dark.

Meredith flopped herself onto the couch and moaned,
 "And I'll never have that recipe again!"


David Attenborough Observes Fangirls


At the height of a political corruption trial,
 the prosecuting attorney attacked a witness. 
‘Isn’t it true,’ he bellowed,
 ‘that you accepted five thousand dollars
 to compromise this case?’
 The witness still did not respond.
 Finally, the judge leaned over and said,
 ‘sir please answer the question.’
 ‘Oh’, the startled witness said,
‘I thought he was talking to you!’




Uma Marionete em Manhattan


Pioneer Women


on the lighter side

“You don’t look old at all,” I assured my 40 year old friend, 
who was going through a middle age crisis. 

I didn’t notice my 6 year old next to me,
 until he piped up, 
“Well, parts of her do.”

It won't beat  me

How things change after 5, 10, 30 years


My grandmother went to her doctor
 to see what could be done
about her constipation.

"It's terrible," she said,
 "I haven't moved my bowels in a week."

"I see. Have you done anything about it?" 
asked the doctor.      

"Naturally," she replied, 
"I sit in the bathroom for a half-hour in the
morning and again at night."

"No," the doctor said, 
"I mean do you take anything?"

"Naturally," she answered, 
"I take a book."

If you are a man and have secretly taken up the craft of quilting 
it might be time for you to attend a Quilting Anonymous meeting




DUI Steve Pulling a Keg Couch


Once upon a time there were three little pigs;
 the straw pig, the stick pig,
​ ​and the brick pig.
One day this nasty old wolf came up
 to the straw pigs house and said, "I'm
gonna huff and puff and blow your house down." 
And he did!!!!

So the straw pig went running over 
to the stick pig's house and said,
"Please let me in, the wolf just blew down my house"
 So the stick pig let
the straw pig in.

Just then the wolf showed up and said,
 "I'm gonna huff and puff and blow
your house down."
 And he did!!!

So the straw pig and the stick pig 
went running over to the brick pig's
house and said, 
"Let us in, let us in,
 the big bad wolf just blew our houses down."
 So the brick pig let them in just as the wolf showed up.

The wolf said,
 "I'm gonna huff and puff and blow your house down."
 The straw pig and the stick were so scared! 
But the brick pig picked up the
phone and made a call.

A few minutes passed
 and a big, black stretch limo pulls up.
 Out stepped two massive pigs 
in pinstriped suits and fedora hats.

These pigs come over to the wolf,
 grab him by the neck and beat the living crap out of him,
 then one of them pulled out a gun,
 stuck it in his mouth and fired killing the wolf,
 then they got back into their limo and drove off.

The straw pig and stick pig were amazed!!! 
"Who the hell were those guys?"
they asked.

"Those were my cousins from Brooklyn..
..The Guinea Pigs."


Odds and Ends


Stupid is as stupid does - road accident




Ultimate Water Sports Fails Compilation


This weeks signs


How's your groin mate!!


Phils Philosphy 

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Sandee said...

Loved all the cartoons.

So God Made a Dog. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. So very, very true.

Sofia on Hollands Got Talent. Wow.

Journey to school. We sure have it easy don't we.

Gold Digger prank? Bwahahahahahahahaha. That's the way it goes for some gals.

Some of those rides were, well silly. And some shouldn't be riding on them either. They are bigger than the ride.

Uma Marionete em Manhattan. That was cool.

Pioneer Women. I learned something new today.

It won't beat me. Bwahahahahahahaha. I hate those fitted sheets.

How things change after 5, 10, 30 years. Isn't it the truth.

Quilting Anonymous? You can lose your man card doing this.

DUI Steve Pulling a Keg Couch. Bwahahahahahahaha. I want to go to Steve's party.

Stupid is as stupid does is spot on. Idiot.

The water sports fails. Yikes.

Loved this weeks signs.

Hows your groin mate!! Yikes and ouch.

Have a fabulous weekend Phil. ☺