Saturday, January 10, 2015


Australia Day  January 26th

Western Australia
 Shell Beach ..  on the road into Denham  [Shark Bay]

January 8th
 There Goes My Everything


Those Funny Animals

from Tundra Comics

Puppy Tries to Reclaim Bed From Unimpressed Cat

Those Funny Animals

Some Photogenic Animals


Limbo time!


Some  places to "Spend a Penny"

1500' TV Tower
 you gotta love the part where he takes a selfie.


That escalated quickly

Punny Business



Around the World

Japanese in Istanbul ..... Turkish Ice Cream 

North Korea



Bali... Indonesia




Moose enters store in  British Colombia
needs to be lured out with an apple

OH!  Canada

What do we do for fun in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on a very cold day?
 Well, we run our sprinkler, of course...
.we hooked up a sprinkler to our hot water tank in the wintertime.
 It was March 1st, 2014, temperature was -34C or -29F. 
With the windchill factored in, it was -48C or -54F.
 A cold day indeed.
 Perhaps you've seen people throw cups of hot water into the air?


Fascinating Pictures

View from the Luxury box at the Pontiac Silverdome,
 Former Home to Detroit Lions.
 Photo by Johnny Joo

A human brain on the left, a dolphin brain on the right

Elephant who had an accident receives prosthetic leg

Million Dollar Boston Red Stockings Baseball Archive 
 Antiques Roadshow


Three doctors are in a duck blind
and a bird flies overhead.
The general practitioner looks at it and says,
"Looks like a duck, flies like a duck ...
 it's probably a duck."
 He shoots at it but misses,
 and the bird flies away.
The next bird flies overhead,
 and the pathologist looks at it,
 then looks through the pages of a bird manual
 and says, "Hmmmm ... green wings, yellow bill, quackin...g sound
 ... might be a duck."
 He raises his gun to shoot it,
 but the bird is long gone.
A third bird flies over.
 The surgeon raises his gun and shoots almost without looking
, brings the bird down,
 and turns to the pathologist and says,
 "Go see if that was a duck.” 

Thanks Kitty L


Odds and Ends


The Egyptian Pyramids - 
Funny Animated Short Film

F-18E - Sonic Boom

How to hitch  a ride when your drunk


This weeks Signs

Laverton to Alice Springs

Best Fails of the Week 1 January 2015


Phils Philosophy


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Kathe W. said...

now this is a seriously HUGE blog post! Very fun too! Cheers!

Sandee said...

My mother loves Elvis, me not at all. His movies were so corney too.

That cat will be wherever that cat wants to be and it doesn't give a hoot about that dog that wants its bed. Too cute.

I know I rounded them up. Bwahahahahahahaha. Smart dog.

Loved the two GIFS. Especially the bears going up that tree.

I linked this post to Awww Mondays because of the photogenic animals. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

That Limbo time was mean, but funny.

Some of those bathrooms. Wow.

I can't watch the 1500' TV tower. I'm afraid of heights.

Loved all the play on words. That and some folks come up with great business names.

That Turkish Ice Cream? That was fun to watch.

North Korea. Bwahahahahahahahahaha.

I would not get on that skycycle. No way.

Loved the Kenya one.

Those guys from Finland are crazy.

Australia...I would be frantic if I saw that near me.

So you're telling me that the Canadians are sorry about everything? I thought so. They are so polite.

Please be a considerate thief. Oh brother.

I love that Canada sprinkler. That's pretty cool.

Loved all the fascinating pictures. Way cool.

Go see if that was a duck. Bwahahahahahaha.

Loved the odds and ends.

Well he got what you asked for at the store. Too funny.

The sonic boom. Yikes.

Fails of the week. Yikes. Lots of those made me jump out of my chair.

That last picture. So sad.

Another fine week Phil. Sorry I'm so late. We went on a cruise last Friday and just got home today.

Have a fabulous week. ☺