Saturday, February 7, 2015


Western Australia
Lake Argyle...Kununurra


Friends Fur -ever


Around the World






[always wear shoes]






Natalia gets a message


North Korea


The Carbonaro Effect

 Girl Genius Revealed

Dehydrated Mice Come Back To Life

Car Wash Attendant Goes Too Far


This Weeks Signs


Metal Alphabet, Very Cute

This is how this 2-year old remembers her ABC’s,
 by listening to the beat of heavy metal music.
 Here she is reciting the alphabet after bath time. 


Onion Ring


TOP 10 Table Tennis-Football


from Tundra Comics


A couple of Ads from Superbowl 2015



overseas products
with funny names

thanks David J 



Best magic show in the world 2015

Those Funny Animals

Bring out your garbage

Cow Wash


Two professors are at a restaurant,
 arguing about the state of education today.
 "Nobody learns calculus anymore," lamented the first.
 "That's not true," replied the second,
 "it's part of the freshman curriculum."

"Okay, I'll tell you what," offered the first professor, 
"we'll ask the waitress a simple calculus question;
 if she gets it right, lunch is on me."
 The second professor agreed, but said, 
"But give me a minute,
 I have to use the bathroom, first."

So the second professor gets up and heads toward the restrooms.
 Before he gets there, though, he finds the waitress,
 hands her five bucks and says,
 "This may seem weird,
 but my colleague is going to ask you a question. 
When he does, I want you to say,
 'x cubed over three', okay?"
 The waitress pockets the fiver, agrees, 
and the second professor returns to the table.

After a couple minutes, the waitress comes by
 to ask if everything is okay.
 The first professor asks her, 
"My friend and I were just discussing whether
 or not people bother to learn calculus anymore. 
Can you tell me, what's the integral of x squared?"

Dutifully, the waitress answers,
 "x cubed over three."

"Well I'll be, I guess you were right!"
 exclaims the first professor,
 "Looks like lunch is on me!"

Walking away, the waitress is heard to say,
 "Plus a constant..."

stolen from Skips House of Chaos 


Libary's of the World


Don't Mess With Karate Girls


I don't feel so bad after seeing these pictures


Hand Clap Skit - The Original!


The Land Down Under

so there!!!


Hot in Cleveland Highlight:
 Joan Rivers Plays Betty White's Sister


Odds and Ends

The Ordinary Life of George Washington

Pick up lines!!


Super Bowl 2015 Ads


Phun Phacts

LG — Momentos


 Dashing Thru the Snow 
Salisbury, New Brunswick Canada

 (Feb 3, 2015)


Phils Philosophy

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1 comment:

Sandee said...

Friends Fur-ever. Awwwww. So adorable.

Around the World...Cool. Except for those huge spiders. Yikes.

The Carbonaro Effect. Wow. Except for the screaming kid. He does the most amazing things.

The mice one was amazing. That poor guy was shocked beyond belief.

Car Wash Attendant...I'd be like what the heck are you doing to my car.

Loved the signs and especially the doctor one on not accepting new patients that refuse to immunize. Bravo.

Going to collage? How about college!

Loved the alphabet, but the music...not so much.

Top 10 table tennis-football. Wow.

The Marcia Superbowl ad is funny.

Pee Cola? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Urinal. I'll pass on that hot drink.

Only Puke? Double Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

Not made in China, made in USA without lead paint. Love it.

Loved the magic show. Such talent.

x cubed over a constant. Bwahahahahahaha.

Loved the libraries of the world. Wow.

Don't Mess With Karate Girls. Ouch.

You can't fix stupid Phil, you just can't.

Hand clap skit was very entertaining.

I learn so much about Australia. It's really a very huge place. With huge spiders and other dangerous critters.

Joan Rivers and Betty White. Bwahahahahahahahahaha.

Just say no to Hillary. I can't stand her or Bill either.

That Old Spice ads was hilarious.

Momentos - WOW! I love a happy ending.

Love the train plowing through the snow.

Phil's Philosophy is spot on. Spot on.

Another fine week Phil. Have a fabulous day. ☺