Saturday, February 21, 2015


The French Song First Recording


It's more than just a picture

2015 Hollywood Oscars are almost here

Best Picture Mashup - 
(2015) Oscar Nominee Mashup 

One liners from previous Best Pictures


Those funny Animals

Having a bad day

Sea Otter busting some moves!


Jay Leno 
Tonight Show Bloopers from the past 17 years


A  different view


Canadian Sniper 
(American Sniper Parody)


Fifty shades of.......


Apple Pun


What's The Difference


Growing up sucks


 Chicago Bulls Kiss Cam 


Around the world













meanwhile in the Boston area USA

Stormageddon 2015


From Tundra Comics


Ball Pit Door


A little bit of History


A Briefer History of Time: 
How technology changes us in unexpected ways


Odds and Ends

 My kind of people


Air New Zealand
Safety video


The Award-Winning Boeing 777
 Signature Experience


This weeks signs


3D Animated Short HD: "Forward March" -


Nice try.... but your doing it wrong!!!


 Deadly Fashion (Trailer)

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Sandee said...

I'd not heard the French Song before. She sure was a beautiful woman with an even more beautiful voice.

It's more than just a picture. Fabulous shots. Wow.

The 2015 Oscar Nominee Mashup. I've not seen any of these movies. We just don't go to movies. If they show up on Netflix someday then maybe.

Loved the one liners. I've seen most of these movies. Good choices.

Those funny animals. Bwahahahahahahaha.

That sea otter can bust some moves. He's probably just scratching his back.

Jay Leno bloopers. Bwahahahahahahaha.

A different view. Wow, it's not what I expected. I know, that's the point.

Canadian Sniper...Bwahahahahahaha. A deadly game of cat and moose. Loved it.

I'll still take the 24 shades of green.

Apple Pun. Good one.

What's the Difference. Wow. We are all the same.

Loved the kiss cam. The guy on the phone is in big trouble. He's probably divorced by now.

Around the world. Wow.

All that snow in Canada. I'm so happy I don't live in snow country.

Loved the cartoons.

Ball Pit Door. Yikes. Loved the little boy that sent his sister in. Figures. Also make me laugh to see some of them try to close the door. Not going to happen.

The history photographs. Awesome.

A brief history in time. Time is something else isn't it. Yes it is. Progress. 1657! I sleep when I'm tired and I eat when I'm hungry. I'm retired. I get the change though. Way cool.

Parallel parking world champion. Got my vote too.

The worlds view of the U.S. was very interesting. Not surprised about the middle east.

The fireman and the kitty. Yes the eyes say it all.

Wow on that Boeing 777. Would love a flight in one of those roomy planes.

Loved the signs. Marriage is Grand. Divorce is 100 Grand. Bwahahahahahaha.

The forward march video was cute. And fun.

You're doing it wrong and then some. I think my favorite is the idiot with the trampoline. Okay, maybe the two idiots that ran into that dog. That's pretty good too.

The sweatshop. There are too many in too many countries. It's a shame.

Another fine week Phil.

Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

Phils Phun said...

thanks Sandee much appreciated