Saturday, March 28, 2015


Western Australia

East Kimberley's wilderness




Pets can be annoying
What about Toddlers??

Top Selfies


Every Tom Hanks Movie in 7 Minutes
 (with Tom Hanks and James Corden)


Those Funny Animals

Slow loris and tangle teezer

Huge Salamander 
  thanks David T

Animals Can Be Jerks 


Bill Murray the Legend

Three Great Bill Murray Stories 
David Letterman


Around the World






underground Subway


New Zealand

Almost forgot Canada

Matt Lauer's Epic Prank


Cool Old Pics


The most widely recognized and revered aircraft type of World War II,
 the B-17 Flying Fortress, takes to the skies again.
 The B-17G (Serial # 44-83575) has been returned to its wartime configuration
 under the auspices of the nonprofit Collings Foundation of Stow, MA 
and given the name “Nine-O-Nine”. 
It's not every day you get to jump out of a perfectly good flying fortress.

B-17 Flying Fortress Skydive
 with Chicagoland Skydiving Center



This one made me smile
love the ending!!

Crazy Old Man Fight about Rock



A Classic 60's TV Show Dance Party


Phun Phacts


Owl Shows Off Silent Flight Superpower


Odds and Ends

Already has a new job
now with "One Direction"

Engineer's Son Realizes His Dad is Driving Passing Train

she was so much more


Valspar Color For The Colorblind


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Over the past couple of weeks have posted different versions of "
Amazing Grace"
Here is another one I like
The Statler Brothers 
 Amazing Grace


This weeks signs


When they said, “The bus is lost,” 
that didn’t mean the driver took a wrong turn. 
Heavy rains have left Brazil with massive drainage problems and flooding.
 On a stretch of the Trans-Amazon highway
 between Rur√≥polis and Itaituba,
 rushing water undercut the road’s foundation.
 On Tuesday, a bus was recorded as it was swallowed by the collapsing road,
 and is then washed away in the floodwaters.
 Fortunately, all the passengers got off the bus in time,
 and no one was injured.


Phils Philosophy


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Sandee said...

East Kimberley's Wilderness is beautiful.

People are awesome, but some of those heights make me a bit ill.

Kids...Bless their hearts.

Loved the selfies, but not the ones with the heights involved.

Tom Hanks in 7 minutes. That was funny.

Slow loris and tangle teezer. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!

The two dogs hugging at the fence. Awwwwwwwww.

Loved that horse kicking that idiot. What a stupid thing to do.

Yes animals can be jerks. Lots of cats in there. I'm not surprised.

I learned a lot about Bill Murray today.

I love the around the world photographs. I learn something every single week.

I can't wait to see what Ellen does to Matt Lauer. It's going to be good.

Wow on those old photographs.

I watched all of the skydiving I could do.

Oh the looks over that rock. The gal ended it though. Find it if you can.

Loved the 60s dancing. I was there Phil.

The Phun Phacts were amazing.

Wow on the owl. How is that possible.

The answer is 2110. Am I a genius?

The engineers son really thought that was cool. Well it was.

You got the illegals down. That's spot on. They vote democrat, and I'm sure most of them are voting.

I cannot imagine life without color.

I love Amazing Grace. I'm going to re-post the Amsterdam one you posted next Wednesday. That's my favorite rendition.

Loved all the signs.

Yikes on that bus. Yikes.

Another wonderful week Phil.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Anonymous said...

Indeed awsome what some People are capable of - the selfies are just as cool.

Ya gotta luv Tom Hanks . .somehow he reminded me a Little of John Wayne,

perhaps it's due to his Western waist coat?

I love that miserable looking owl wearing a Monday morning face.

What was that crazy man thinking who slapped the horse from behind?

Geeeez, he's probably still spending time in Hospital.

Cats are so headstrong - but great Entertainers!

Bill Murray..... sorry no comment.

Here behind the Alps, the homeless will be sleepless behind bars Hee hee!

The sundial ring is a Beauty - - a "must have" (yeah, but only in my dreams grin)

Can't they bring back the "prisoner in a Cage" motorbike?

Now that "Walking bed" on the catwalk is the solution to a "Pub crawling"


The 2 guys playing the fool with that small rock - -you gotta love the look

on people's faces.

Such a lot of good stuff to make us go Oooh and Aah on your blog Phil.

But please don't go typewriting/texting whilst driving - - we want to enjoy

the great effort you bring on your blog.

Have a lovely week & take good care.

Celeste behind the Swiss Alps.