Saturday, April 11, 2015


Western Australia
near Yardie Creek.. in the Cape Range National Park




Regular readers might have noticed 
that I have lots of fun at the expense of Canada
Sorry..... Canada
This might help fix that

Things That

 Leaving the car behind to drive over a glacier 
in what might be the world’s  best bus.

Eating this for lunch


Those Funny Animals


Really Amazing
 A must watch for all aviation maintenance personnel 
Boeing Assembly Line


And laying Railway Track these days


Fascinating Pictures and information


  Richardo Carl Einar

Violin Juggler



more funny Animals

Madagascar Penguins Best and funniest Team work

Princess Leia loves her pacifier.

Otter stacking some cups


Email in Real Life




Technology has hijacked family dinnertime.
 Watch the Pepper Hacker reclaim it.


Afraid of Technology


Odds and Ends

Its up to you now Sheldon

Test Your Awareness 


I went fishing at the lake today.
 I threw in my line and waited over and hour
 but I didn't get a single bite.
A man walked up near me and threw in his line. 
Ten minutes later, he had a fish. 
Ten minutes after that he had another fish.
I asked, "What is your secret?"
He replied, "The secret is the bait.
 I'm a kidney surgeon.
 When I get a good kidney, 
I cut it up and use it for bait."
I went to a different spot on the lake and tried again.
 After waiting another hour I didn't get a single bite.
Another man walked up near me and threw in his line. 
Five minutes later he had a fish. 
Five minutes after that, he had another fish.
I asked, "What do you use for bait?"
He replied, "I'm a liver surgeon.
 When I get a good liver,
 I cut it up and use it for bait."
I went to a different spot on the lake and tried again. 
After waiting another hour, 
I didn't get a single bite.
Another man walked up near me and threw in his line.
 Almost immediately, he had a fish. 
Almost immediately after that, he had another fish.
I said, "That is incredible! 
What kind of surgeon are you?"
He replied,
 "Surgeon? I'm a Rabbi."


LEON - Error of the Savannah 


Around the World


Romanian Men are Tough








Insane Flood in an Unexpected Place

This flood took place in one of the driest places on Earth.
 Located in Chile,
 The Atacama Desert is a very, very dry place.
 Arica, Chile, in the northern Atacama holds the record 
for the longest dry streak, having gone 173 months
 without a drop of rain in the early 20th century.
 In another Atacama neighbor to the south of Arica,
 the average annual rainfall in the city of Antofagasta is 0.07 inches.
 This flood took place when basically 
14 years worth of rain came down in one day


Sorry.. Canada
I couldn't resist 



First Letter in English Alphabet


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Daughter who knows everything


This Weeks Signs

A doctor wanted to get off work and go hunting, 
so he approached his janitor.
"I am goin' huntin' tomorrow Buddy
 and don't want to close the clinic.
 I want you to take care of the clinic 
and take care of all my patients
 and I'll give you fifty bucks."
"Yes, sir!" answers Buddy.
The doctor goes hunting, returns the following day and asks:
 "So, Buddy, how was your day?"
Buddy told him that he took care of three patients. 
"The first one had a headache so I gave him Tylenol."
"Bravo Buddy! The second one?" asks the doctor.
"The second one had a bad stomach 
and I gave him Maalox, sir." says Buddy.
"Bravo, bravo! You're good at this and
 what about the third one?" asks the Doctor.
"Well Sir, I was sitting here having a smoke
and suddenly the door flies opens and a woman enters.
 Like a flame, she undresses herself, 
taking off everything including her bra and her panties. 
She lies down on the table and shouts:
 Help me - I haven't seen a man in over two years."
"Lard Tunderin' Yeezus, Buddy!!!
 What did you do?”

"I put drops in her eyes!!"


Park City Alpine Coaster 
Utah Ski Resort 


Phils Philosophy

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Sandee said...

People are Awesome. Yikes, Yikes and Yikes on some of them.

You do make fun of Canada a lot. What a beautiful place though. Not in the winter though. Too much snow.

Those Funny Animals. I didn't know any of this. The GIFS were awesome.

The Boeing Assembly Line. Wow.

Laying the Railway Track? I had no idea. All that back breaking work is automated. Cool.

Loved the interesting pictures and information. We know so little about the world and I learn so much here.

Richardo Carl Einar. So talented.

Loved the cartoons. Too cute.

The penquins. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

I've never seen a dog that liked a pacifier. That was adorable. Loved the music too,.

The otter stacking those cups. Awesome.

Email in Real Life. So true. Loved this.

The interesting facts. Wow.

I want that pepper mill. Yes I do. I hate all the electronic at dinner time. Brilliant.

I wasn't that observant. I didn't get that at all. Shows you my lack of a green thumb.

Pho King Good. Bwahahahahahahaha.

They went where after they got married. Yikes, how not romantic can you get.

"Surgeon? I'm a Rabbi." I know what bait he uses.

Leon. Way cool. That spider was mighty smart, and the elephants were mighty entertained by it all.

Around the world and that huge spider did me in.

Yikes on the Chile video. That's a lot of water and mud on the move.

First letter in the English Alphabet. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

Daughter who knows everything. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

Loved all the signs. Some people are so talented.

That ski resort coaster. I'd be scared something awful.

Another fine week Phil. Have a fabulous day. :)

Anonymous said...

My next stop must be Australia -- extremely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen King, the man who fills our bone and marrow with fear!!

Looking at Al Capone's cell, changed my mind about being locked away..!

Sweden and Norway will be my next Destination this Summer.. if God allows.

Henopause.... for crying out loud... what next?!!! Haaaa haaaa!!!

Mein F├╝hrniture must be for those who "smoked" too much weed.

OK, now it's clear to me, I've seen it all - - a dog who sucks his pacifier...!!

None of my two Kids- neva eva touched the blooming Thing - to be quite honest, I

have kept the pacifier for many moons now, simply as a Souvenir¨Heee heee!!!

When my son was a Teenager he always used the saying "Brother from

another Mother" Brings back good memories!! Thanx for that one Phil!

That good samaritan Priest should have drowned first before saving that DEMON DEVIL HITLER!!

Please, where can I buy that pepper Hijacker?? Wherever we go People are for always fiddling with their cell phones.. so irritating and annoying!

Hee hee, happy together at the HOT DOG stand.... I sincerely hope their life will remain as happy and uncomplicated.

I love the Australian Dingo - - but why oh why do we never ever get to see a documentation on that amazing/strange creature?

The prickly pear fruit in Mexico - - my absolute favorite . . the jam is amazing, it Looks like black tar but tastes FABULOUS!! Here behind the Alps, unknown!!!

OK,, so now it's clear, I was that tree hugger!!!!!!!!

My dream "car" the Hummer,, unfortunately the maintenance is too high

for 'lill ol' me¨. Please don't laugh,,, but when I see one parked at a Garage or anywhere - I have to declare my love - - thank goodness NEITHER the owner NOR the car is unaware of my Devotion. (sigh)

We also have those Alpine coasters here, but I refuse the sit on anything that goes higher than myself in length....!! Must say, the coaster in your Video seems mild.

Phil, I don't know how you manage to bring things that brings good memories to MY mind - - from animals, People, Food OR all the rest you post on your blog.

Thank you for entertaining us with your informative Topics.

Looking Forward to read your next entry!!!!!

Celeste behind the snowy Alps.