Saturday, August 22, 2015


Western Australia
Boilers Bay in the South West


WIN Compilation 
August 2015


Around the World




Panama Canal





The Bridge at Q’eswachaka

thanks Wayne W









Laurel & Hardy dance to The Rolling Stones


Amusing pictures only Parents will understand


Toddler's Priceless Reaction
 to Her First Summer Rain with Daddy!

This is a toddler's priceless reaction to her first summer rain with daddy.
 Although she's seen it from the window before, 
this is the first time she played in the warm summer rain. 
This is further proof that as we grow older we take things for granted.


Those Funny Animals

Eagle flight from balloon
gotta like this!!

Dear Kitten:
 Regarding Friendship



Tundra Comics


This is a very old video
But good for a laugh

Men In Coats


Odds and Ends

Super Cool Gif from a 1920,s movie


Selections from Jersey Boys
Recorded by the U.S. Navy Band at the Concerts
 on the Avenue series at the U.S. Navy Memorial in 2014.


Transport Woes

Lucky day


Joe Lycett and parking fines



Led Zeppelin &
 Spanish Team Synchronized Swimming
The Spanish synchronized swimming team won the gold medal
 at the World Swimming Championships in Rome, in 2009
, by performing a routine over the song Stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin.


This weeks Signs


Why women have handbags


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Check out these Hungarian (thigh) slappers!
  Britain's Got More Talent 2015



The Ultimate Unlucky People Fail Compilation 


Phils Philosophy

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1 comment:

Sandee said...

Wow on that double rainbow. What a capture.

The WIN compilation. That was brilliant and scary.

Around the world. Way cool. I love that bridge in Peru that's built every year.

Loved the Laurel and Hardy dance. That's brilliant.

The parents stuff. Spot on.

I still love the rain. I'm still in awe in the rain.

Those funny animals. Bwahahahahahahaha.

That eagle flight. Wow, and wow. He found right where he needed to land too.

That kid that was being mean to the cat won't do that again.

Dear Kitten. Awww, so precious.

Men In Coats. That was most entertaining.

I love that GIF from the 20s.

Oh those transport woes. Yikes.

Joe Lycett and parking fines. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

A roverdose. I laughed out loud.

Loved the synchronized swimming.

This weeks signs. Good grief people have such imaginations.

Why women have handbags. Gross. Funny, but gross.

The thigh slappers wore me out.

Losing oxygen for 5 seconds is frightening. I had no idea. Let's keep things just as they are.

The fail compilation. Good grief.

Love comes natural and hate is indeed learned.

Another fine week Phil.

Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺