Saturday, September 5, 2015


Western Australia
State Forest


Its Fathers Day in some parts of the world this Sunday
Quaker - "The Recital"

What if you got the chance to do something you always wanted to do
 but you had to start today?


Around the world





Weribee Zoo


Marina Park





thanks Ray S


Truck vs. Tree


Miscellaneous Cartoons


100 Year Old BFFs


100 year old lady
plays the harmonica

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Follow the link above if you wish to view


Interesting Stuff


The First Taste Of Freedom


Those Funny Animals

5 years un-shorn

thanks David T

Toddler playing Gorilla Toddler at the Columbus Zoo!

Baby Bear Circus Act on Golf Course 
 At Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, BC

Pet Peeves - Aarons Animals
In the latest episode of his "Aaron's Animals" series, 
Aaron Benitez put together a montage of the annoying things his 
cat/roommate Michael does around the house.


Grey New York made a series of new spots 
for Canon's Pixma printers,
extending a fun campaign launched recently
 Folks who fail to make hard copies of photos,
 documents, tickets and such learn some hard lessons, 
and promise themselves:

"Never again."

"Never Again:" Touchdown


"Never Again:" Eulogy


"Never Again": Map


"Never Again:" Concert


more interesting stuff


Top Secret Drum Corps
 @ Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2015!



Otterly confusing

At first he didn't notice her.
 She sat several rows back in his civics class.
 But she noticed him.
 And she knew his every move in advance.

She knew he was going to McDonald's after class

 for a coffee and an Egg McMuffin 
and she knew he would spill his coffee before 
he had a chance to add milk and sugar.

"I knew that would happen" she whispered from behind him

. He turned to look at her and smiled sheepishly
 as he took some napkins to wipe up the coffee.

"You did, did you?" he replied.

 "Well, yes" she replied. "Of course."

He smiled again as they parted. 

"Hmmm, nice" he thought as he walked home.

A week later he bumped into her again on the way into his civics lesson.

 They sat together throughout the class.

"I knew I'd run into you again" she whispered.

 "Really?" he replied.

"Say, what are you doing this evening?" he asked.

 "Could I take you out to dinner?"

"I knew you were going to ask me out" she purred.

 "Yes, I'd love to."

So that evening he took her to a lovely restaurant

 in the heart of downtown.

As he held her chair for her she looked him in the eyes and said 

"I knew you'd bring me here".
 "Now wait a minute" he countered.
"Why is it you always tell me you knew
 I was going to do something before I do it? 
I don't get it. Just who are you?

"Why I'm Clair" she said. Clair Voyent."

"I knew you were going to say that." she said


Carlsberg stunts with bikers in cinema


Test yourself
answers below









Think you can fly a helicopter?
 Click on the link below and give it a whirl!
Guaranteed to drive you crazy!!!

thanks Gordon H


 (Ridiculous Trick Shots Edition)


Odds and Ends

Rows of Rollers


Classic Featured Artist 
Linda Ronstadt - 
Long Long Time
This song has had over 5 million views on You Tube


"I Will Always Love You"
 Linda Ronstadt
There have been many versions of "I Will Always Love You,"
 including several by its writer, Dolly Parton,
 and the best known by the late Whitney Houston, but, in my opinion,
 none equal the beauty, emotion, and power expressed by Linda Ronstadt 
in her version from her 1975 LP, Prisoner in Disguise
ed.. i think this is how this should be sung


This weeks signs


This Bike Lady has serious Skills 


Phils Philosophy

Quiz answers








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Sandee said...

The Recital. That was awesome times twenty two. Wow.

Around the world. I want to ride that elevator in Germany.

Truck vs. Tree. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Don't Click Send. That would solve ninety percent of problems in peoples lives.

So it was the guns fault. Spot on.

One hundred year old friends. They are adorable. And very funny.

Interesting stuff. My weekly history lesson.

The first taste of freedom. Wow, that was powerful.

The sheep was an amazing story this week. I'm so happy it can now walk okay. Bless it's heart. I hope he finds a forever home.

Oh that toddler playing with the gorilla was adorable. They are both so adorable.

The baby bear. Awwww.

Pet Peeves - Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Touchdown. Now that's rich.

Eulogy... Bwahahahahahahahaha.

Map - Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Concert - Yikes.

More interesting stuff. Very interesting.

Top Secret Drum Corps. Wow, amazing.

Mugged. That was way cool.

"Why I'm Clair" she said. Clair Voyent."
"I knew you were going to say that." she said. Love this.

Oh the bikers were great. I would have sat down too. Why not.

The riddles. I'm not very good at these. Okay, I'm awful at these.

People are awesome. Yes they are.

Odds and Ends. Always fun. I love that colored pencil fence. Way cool. You already know I love all those umbrellas.

Linda Ronstadt is awesome.

This weeks signs. Love them all.

Love the lady on that bike. Wow, she's talented.

I only got one of the answers to the riddle. The elephant.

Another fun week Phil.

Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺