Saturday, October 24, 2015

I'm Back!!!


Western Australia

On a quiet beach near Broome in the North West


Most of you know that I have been travelling around for the past month
It would be remiss of me not to thank all those wonderful delightful
 Friends and Rotarians who made this a very memorable vacation
Thank you all

 Patrick De Haan
and the Rotary Club of Rio Tempe Salado in Phoenix Arizona
Abosolutely enjoyed this excursion to the  Gila River Indian reservation

For you Patrick
Know you will like this

The Ballad of Ira Hayes


 Fellow blogger [My Comedy Plus] Sandee Clark and Zane
what wonderful friends blogger are !! 
lots of fun and fellowship and boating and relaxing time with them

Something you might like

joanne - mike nesmith


 Jasmine Martin  former Short Term Rotary Youth Exchange Student 
 to Australia in 2003
Showed me the excitement of New York  
thanks Jasmine  for giving up your valuable time

Jasmine is now an "Amira" fan

Amira Willighagen & André Rieu


The Zumba Foundation in the Philippines
I continue to be simply amazed at the oustanding projects
 undertaken to help the less fortunate in their local communities
Amazing effort by all

One of the groups favourite songs

Adele - Someone Like You


Pictures worth a thousand words




Those Funny Animals

Find the Dog??

Mission Impossible cats


Extra Gum
The Story of Sarah & Juan




Odds and Ends



The Carbonaro Effect 
Crabby Transformation




Imagine The Possibilities 


Around the World








Bar booths

What people imagine Australia is like



















Ugandan Children Play
 with Legos for the First Time

Miscellaneous Cartoons


March 1st.Walk Don't Run
 with General George Babbitt


more Mike Nesmith
Silver moon. Michael Nesmith 
and the first national band


Helping Hands




Kevin Spacey impersonates Al Pacino 
in front of Al Pacino - Letterman


This weeks Signs





Whales play under the Northern Lights in Norway 
 BBC News


Phils Philosophy



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Sandee said...

Hi Phil...It was a pleasure meeting you and having a wonderful weekend. Just not into blogging right now. I hope I'm more normal next Saturday.

Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

BobF said...

Alright, Phil. The next time you plan on a hiatus, please post it in real big letters on your last post prior. If you did so, I missed it. At my age it seems my friends and acquaintances are dying off one by one (I should be glad it's not in multiples?) and I was thinking the worst. The next one who goes will be the last of my dark suit and I'll have to buy one slightly larger as I seem to be expanding a bit.

So, a most heartfelt welcome back, and if you happen to have been on the other side, please do tell what it was like over there with emphasis on the important points -- free beer, a fish on every hook, etc.

Seriously though, welcome back and I again look forward to my weekly casual read, listen, and most important, unwind, all thanks to your blog.

Kissimmee, Florida, US

Unknown said...

Phil Its so wonderful to have you back doing Phil's Phun. I've missed you

Ginco said...

Hi Phil - - it was wonderful seeing you and your activities on the blog!!! AND although I have been absend for some time - - I was Feeling worried about YOUR Absence on the blog - - I enjoyed all your Posts, especially the Video about Paul Newman and his lovely wife Joanne. The sketch about the swiss army knives made me snigger - - yes a great favorite in Swissland. Please stay well and please take great care of yourself.
Best regards
Celeste behind the snowy Alps