Saturday, January 9, 2016


Western Australia

Monkey Mia

Wild dolphins have been visiting the shoreline at Monkey Mia
 virtually every day for over 40 years, 
making this spot in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area 
one of the best and most reliable places for dolphin interaction in the world.

A 30 minute drive from Denham will bring you to Monkey Mia
 for a magical face-to-bottlenose encounter
 with these gentle creatures.
And to get to Denham, you can take a two-hour flight from Perth,
 opt to do the day's drive from Perth,
or join an extended guided tour.

The story of the Monkey Mia dolphins begins in the early 1960s
 when a pod of wild dolphins started making a regular appearance
 in the clear waters of the bay to interact with humans -
 delighting visitors with their intelligence, playfulness and grace.

As the dolphins are wild, numbers and the time of their visits
 can vary from day to day, 
but they usually come to the shore several times a day 

and more frequently in the mornings.

Today, the dolphin interactions are regulated by rangers,

 with a few lucky visitors selected 
to hand-feed the dolphins a small amount of fish. 


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A woman is managing a house of ill-repute
 when she sees a new john come in.
 So she sends over her newest, most inexperienced girl.
 The madame watches as she sits on his lap and flirts a bit. 
Then the guy whispers something in her ear.
 She looks horrified and yells,
 "Oh, I’d NEVER do that!"
 and she runs away.

The madame thinks, “Okay, maybe this guy is a little kinky…”,
 so she sends over one of her more experienced ladies.
 She goes up to him, sits on his lap,
 and again he whispers something in her ear.
 She immediately jumps up and shouts, 
and then storms off.

At this point, the madame is thinking,
 “Okay, this guy must be a REAL freak.”
 So she sends in Ol’ Bertha, her skankiest gal.
 This woman has seen and done every freaky sex act in the book.
 Ol’ Bertha walks over to the guy and sits on his lap.
 True to form, he whispers in her ear,
 which immediately provokes her to stand up, 
slap him across the face,
 and then hurry away.

The madame can't stand it anymore. 
She goes up to the guy and demands,
 "What the hell have you been whispering in my girls' ears?!"

He replies sheepishly, 
"Sorry, eh?
 I just wanted to know if I could pay in Canadian dollars."






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1 comment:

Sandee said...

We saw two dolphins on our long weekend to Pacifica. It was most delightful. I would love to get that close though. I love dolphins.

That little boy dancing at the mall is so precious. He's watched that music video more than once.

Pictures to make you look on the bright side...awww.

A tribute to romance in the movies. I remember a lot of those. That was a great walk down memory lane.

Loved the cartoons as always.

The Carbonaro Effect. Love the looks on peoples faces. He's so good.

The power of the human brain. WOW! Especially Derek.

Those funny animals. Always love these. Never saw the polar bear in the blizzard though.

Top 5 places you're not allowed to visit. Then I watched top 5 of the worst parents in the world. Good grief.

Around the World. Always a great history lesson. I want one of those Belgium Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Odds and Ends... Bwahahahahahahahaha.

The Zimmers. Old people can rock can't they.

Having a bad day. YIKES!

Workers sink boat and excavator. That was a lot of dollars that sank.

We just did the welcome to the beach. We didn't blog. It was wonderful.

The Seabin Project. Excellent.

Sketchy bridge. Oh my that was frightening.

Fun facts...Another history lesson.

Best Work Fails Compilation. Some were funny, some were frightening, and some were just plain stupid. You can't fix the stupid people.

This weeks signs. Always fun.

Another fun week Phil.

Have a fabulous day. See you next Saturday. ☺