Saturday, January 23, 2016


Western Australia

Willie Creek Pearl Farm....  near Broome

watch for the Australia Day edition coming soon


(JANUARY 2016)


Around the World







North Korea




South Korea

New Zealand

 thanks Don H

This Is How They Unload Timber In Canada 


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Adventures With Mom


Those Funny Animals

Worst guard dog in the world


Best WINS Compilation 
January 2016


Around the World  [Part Two]

 A young girl and her dog look out from a vehicle
 as she and her family wait for security clearance
 at a checkpoint on the outskirt of Bannu,
 a town on edge of the Pakistani tribal region of Waziristan

Wang Bangyin holds his rescued son. 
Wang’s son was among 60 children seeking parents 
after police freed them from human traffickers





Chito (Texas Country Reporter)


Odds and Ends



The Carbonaro Effect 
 Instant Compost Revealed


 copy and pasta


Let Grandma Rest



Seniors Fail


Interesting Stuff


Could have been worse




Funniest Security Camera Moments


this weeks signs


 The Awareness of How Few Days Are Memorable

Another day, another week, another year. 
We've heard this song before.
 Our lives are built of the same few notes,
 repeated over and over.
 It’s not a grand symphony, full of surprises.
 It’s a song sung in canon, that simply carries on,
 until the tune gets stuck in your head
. But then the verse changes over,
 and for the life of you, you can’t remember
 how it's supposed to go


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1 comment:

Sandee said...

Willie Creek Pearl Farm. That's me on that boat.

People are Awesome. Yes they are. Wow.

Around the World. Iceland got it right. Good for them. Loved the man from New Zealand with the pasta strainer on his head. Better than tin foil I expect.

I love how they unload timber in Canada. That was very cool.

Loved the cartoons.

Adventure with Mom...I laughed.

Those Funny Animals. You can't not laugh. And those bats. That would scare me to pieces.

Best Wins Compilation. Wow, that was awesome. That airplane taking off was incredible.

Around the Wold [Part Two] - So much pain and suffering.

Tinsel - What a story. I love a happy ending.

Oh the fox. What a lovely and happy ending.

Chito. Wow. What an inspiration.

Building the Golden Gate Bridge. I've walked across that bridge, I can't imagine building it.

The Golden Gate Bridge is the top suicide location in the world. - In August 1937, three months after the Golden Gate Bridge opened, H.B. Wobber strolled the span alongside a tourist he had just met on a bus. Wobber suddenly turned to his companion and said, “This is where I get off. I’m going to jump.” Despite the tourist’s attempt to stop him, Wobber threw himself over the side. Four seconds later he hit the surface of San Francisco Bay at 75 miles per hour and became the first of more than 1,500 people to commit suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Source: History

Oops!! Bwahahahahahahahahaha.

The Carbonaro Effect. Always so fun. Love the looks on peoples faces.

Let Grandma Rest. Yikes, I wasn't expecting that.

Seniors Fail. Why in the world would those old men even try this? Oh wait, they are guys.

That man from China was brilliant. All it cost him was the bus ride to and from the airport. Brilliant.

Oh that poor lonely whale.

Could have been worse... Bwahahahahahahahaha.

Funniest Security Camera Moments. Love them all.

This weeks signs. Always a treat. Love the parking violation one the very best.

Someday is not one of the seven days in a week. Excellent.

Another 1.5 hours of fun.

Have a fabulous day Phil. ☺