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Western Australia
Hammersly Gorge ... 
great place for a swim in  the Pilbara region


People with Awesome Skills




21 Mini Elsa's Star in
 An Epic Supercut Of 'Let It Go'
 Watching this made me realize how much Frozen affected kids.
 Even children this small are impacted by this movie.
 I wonder how this song about Elsa "letting go" 
and forgetting her past makes kids feel.
 They seem to really like it.
 You can tell by the way they're dancing, dressed similar,
 and want to do the same moves as Elsa.



Mark and Tanya's wedding
Kids great belly flop


Widespread truths that are fake



Two Grannies, One Lamborghini 


Miscellaneous cartoons


These adorable animal moments will melt your heart!

Those Funny Animals


Cyclists chased by an ostrich


"Cats Playing Ping Pong Compilation"


Around the World

Saudi Arabia





























An ice road near  Deline, N.W.T.  is closed after
 a fuel tanker plunged through on Saturday.

Ioana Spiridonica, a spokeswoman for the Department of Transportation,
 said nobody was injured
"We closed the crossing to all traffic immediately," she said.
The incident took place at an ice crossing just outside the community.
 The Deline access road follows land for most of its 99 kilometres 
before crossing Great Bear Lake.
Kevin McLeod, the government's director of highway and marine services,
 said Sunday the truck was hauling heating fuel to Deline 
as part of the annual government-run fuel resupply. 
On March 2, the transportation department tweeted
 that the weight limit for the road had been increased 
to 40,000 kilograms from 10,000 kilograms. 
McLeod said department crews had checked the road
 with ground-penetrating radar and determined that the ice
 was between 100 and 120 centimetres thick,
 enough for trucks of that size to safely travel on.
 He said 11 tankers had already passed through the area
 before the incident occurred.

The speed limit on the stretch of road is 20 km/h

thanks David T




Patagonian Penguin Finds Second Home in Brazil


Things we all dislike


Daylight Saving 
 Movie Trailer



Morgan Freeman Narrates Pedestrians
 On Hollywood Boulevard


Odds and Ends


Evaporating Water in -30C in Yellowknife, NWT


Fruit Rubik's cube


Bear Prank
I think he's still running!!


Facts about English


Funny Game In Kurdistan With A Goat


This Weeks signs


Here's Looking At You, Kid 


Phun Phacts


Word of the week


Ultimate Winter Fails Compilation
warning!!   a couple of words of strong language
otherwise lots of fun to watch


Phil's  Philosophy

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Sandee said...

People with awesome skills. Wow, impressive.

Wrinkle cream, wow, that stuff really works. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Let it go. That was so cute. Kids are so entertaining.

Mark and Tanya's wedding. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Widespread truths that are fake. I didn't know most of these.

Those grannies in that Lamborghini. What fun. Yes, I would let my grandma drive it too.

Loved all the animals. So darn cute.

Love the cyclists being chased by the ostrich. They can really run fast.

The cats and the ping pong. Now that's a ton of fun.

Around the world. My history lesson each week.

Love the Koala ad. I'll pass to many cons.

Jinjing what an amazing story.

Things we all dislike. Yep, nailed them.

I hate it when we have to change the clocks. I'm messed up for several days.

Morgan Freeman. That was funny.

Evaporating water. That was very cool.

The bear prank. Yikes.

Funny Game In Kurdistan With A Goat. Was alcohol involved?

Always love the signs.

I loved Casablanca. A masterpiece.

Phun Phacts. Very interesting phacts.

Winter Fails. Bwahahahahahaha and ouch.

Sunrises and sunsets on the back of our boat is amazing.

Another fine week of fun Phil.

Have a fabulous day. ☺