Saturday, April 2, 2016


Western Australia
Moore River  meets the Indian Ocean




Little Big Shots - Tiny but Tough


Miscellaneous Cartoons


The Carbonaro Effect 
Crabby Transformation


Around the World





















Breathtaking Skiing and Snowboarding Scenery

Join an intense and unpredictable journey together
 with the world’s most talented skiers and snowboarders
 through travels all over Norway, New Zealand, 
Alaska and British Columbia.


15 Top Movie Theatres


very clever New Zealand ad


Those Funny Animals

Nudge!! Nudge!!


Bulldog Plays on Hammock in the Rain


Better make Sure


Man stuck in compost bin!
after standing on it




Election Insurance


Odds and Ends


Top 10 Movie Twists of All Time


Phun Phacts


Funny Spring Loaded 
and Trampoline Fails Compilation
warning...some strong language


Captivating Images about Climate Change


The Carbonaro Effect 
 You Were Just Female a Second Ago


This weeks Signs




Word of the Week


Phils Philosophy

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1 comment:

Sandee said...

Bring me another smurf. Bwahahahahahahaha. I'd hate to have to clean that up.

I love the little girl sitting on the ground with the dog and the horse. So adorable.

Age doesn't will be men. Got that right.

Little Big Shots. Wow, she's good. Wow.

Miscellaneous cartoons. Always fun.

The Carbonaro Effect. He's so good. The look on her face. Priceless.

Around the World. My history lesson each week.

Supervention. Wow, what beauty.

Wow on all the theater's. Way cool.

Hello! Perfect.

Those Funny Animals are always funny.

Awww on the bulldog playing on the hammock. That was adorable.

Man stuck in compost bin. People get themselves it the weirdest places. At least he could laugh at himself.

Election insurance. Bwahahahahahahahah.

Odds and Ends are always fun. Loved the yoga one. My kind of way to do yoga.

Phun Phacts... I didn't know any of these.

I couldn't watch very much of the funny spring loaded and trampoline fails. Too much way up high.

You were just female a second ago. Bwahahahahahahaha.

This weeks signs. Always fun.

Banned commercial. Bwahahahahahahaah.

Another fun week.

Have a fabulous day Phil. ☺