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Western Australia


Samsung Official TVC: 
"The Chant" 
 Rio 2016 Olympic Games
South Sudan, the newest country to be recognized by the IOC,
 will have their first-ever Olympic team competing this year in Rio.
 It is a moment of great pride for the entire nation 
and for South Sudanese athletes like Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan,
 who now have the opportunity to compete
 under their nation’s flag for the very first time. 



thanks Duke


Nike 2016 Olympic Commercial


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Longest rally in badminton history 
(Men´s singles)

A 2 minute long rally containing 108 shots at the World Championships 2013 
quarterfinal between Tien Minh Nguyen from Vietnam
 and Jan O Jorgensen from Denmark
. It´s the longest rally ever played in a men´s singles match,
 at least caught on videotape.


It Happens


What happens when you touch a stranger on the escalator?
Does yout reaction change when you are touched
 by a gay instead of a hetero? 
Touching a stranger’s hand on the escalator
 was a very popular candid camera made by Nou in France
. But how will Italians react to an unexpected romantic approach?
 We will find it out with Imma Pirone and Luca Iavarone
 during this funny social experiment,
 in both hetero and gay version.
 Video created by Luca Iavarone.
 A production by


Around the World




Pebble Shore Lake
Glacier National Park       Montana









Country Borders

Sweden and Norway

Sweden and Finland

China and Mongolia

North and South Korea

Haiti and Dominican Republic

Spain and Portugal

Brazil and Uruguay

Slovakia , Austria and Hungary

Australia and Everywhere


Grocery Store Prank
Seth Rogen shows the people of New York that our food has feelings




Every time I open the fridge door . 

Welby the pet wallaby shops in the fridge through
 all the veggies to find what he wants.
 He's basically like having a teenager.


Those Funny Animals


Polar Bear Nora

Nora, the young polar bear who has captivated everybody
 since her birth at the Columbus Zoo last November,
 is moving to the Oregon Zoo this fall.
 An official date for this Arctic ambassador’s West Coast debut
 has not been set,
 but visitors may be able to see Nora in her new home 
as early as mid-October.


Police Cars


Dingo Puppy photo shoot at 
Featherdale Wildlife Park!
They say working with kids and animals is never an easy task,
 but with human and puppy models this adorable...
. it's never a chore!




Morgan Freeman Narrates a Hollywood Blvd.


Only in Alaska


Morgan Freeman Narrates a Hollywood Blvd.
number 2


Odds and Ends


 While teaching his class about school safety,
 the teacher took his lesson to the next level
 by literally jumping out of the window to demonstrate
 how to escape from a schoolhouse fire. 


License plates


Hoover Dam water bottle experiment!
The structure of the dam creates an upward draft
 that makes water actually defy gravity 
- instead of traveling downwards,
 it is carried upwards 


This weeks signs


Chris Farlowe - Out of Time 

Chris Farlowe with his cover of a Rolling Stones song,
 with which he had a # 1 hit in the UK Singles Chart in 1966.

Phun Phacts

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Sandee said...

Way to go South Sudan. Awesome.

I love the selfie of the north and south Korea gals. They are not really different at all. Politics.

Great Nike commercial. Love the music too.

Practical English Lesson. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Wow on the badminton rally. I would have been exhausted.

It happens. Wow, that some happenings indeed. The muddy dog was my favorite.

Touching a Stranger on the escalator was fun. Some of the reactions.

Around the world was pretty sad this week. Okay, some wasn't but many were.

The outfits that the supreme court justices wear in Canada suck. Those are ugly beyond words.

I would love to tour that castle in Neuschwanstein Germany. Wow.

The grocery store prank was way cool. Funny.

Kids. Always fun.

Do you think I'm a bad mom Jimmy? My name is Jack. Oh brother.

The wallaby in the fridge. Yep, that's how it goes. Once they know there are things to eat in there.

That polar bear attack was brutal.

Lab report. Cute.

Awww on Nora the polar bear. Adorable.

The dingo puppies are adorable too. That one pup just didn't want to pose. Too cute.

I don't fear condiments on my food, I relish it. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Morgan Freeman did a great job. Except about Hillary Clinton. She's a crook.

Love that teacher that jumped out the window.

Test your airbag here. That would do it for sure.

The Hoover Dam water bottle experiment was way cool. I didn't know this.

Just so you know. I'm voting for Trump because I would never be able to vote for that crook Hillary.

Always love the Phun Phacts. My history lesson every week.

Another fun week.

Have a fabulous day. ☺