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Western Australia

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A few things you should know about July 4th

 A Dream Delivered
 Folds of Honor

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Kid laughing at ostrich is pure joy

Canadian Slang


it happens!!!

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World’s Toughest Trucking Job

Funny Animals

Played this before 
well worth a re-run

A Classic 60's TV Show Dance Party

Things you need to know

Wow Factor 10/10 !!

Howie & Simon almost cried 
Try not to Cry Challenge
AGT 2017

Odds and Ends

Brexit Simplified

Happy Great Dane Loves his Sun Hat

Canadian Inventions

In 1891, Ontario-born gym teacher James Naismith
 nailed a couple of peach baskets to the wall 
of the Springfield, Massachusetts YMCA 
and had his students try to throw a ball into them.
 He’d later write the first rule book for a sport he called “basket ball.”

For this record challenge Muhammad Rashid from Pakistan
 had to hold a normal raw egg in one hand
 and then use that same hand to crush as many cans as possible.
..without breaking the egg.

Funny Signs

Seniors sign!!

Rocket, the pet raccoon, and his best friend 
Stryker, the Catahoula dog,
 have been inseparable pals since Rocket
 was just a young kit

calming thoughts

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