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Western Australia

Fern Pool .. Karijini National Park

Awesome Pictures

Epic Bails & Wipeouts!!

Miscellaneous Cartoons

British Airways safety video 
 director's cut

Don't try to understand these signs

Leak: Lonesome Clown, Puddles Pity Party,
 Performs "All By Myself" 
 America's Got Talent 2017

love this guy...hope he wins

Dutch championship walking bikes: To finish first ... or .

Shocked parents
Kid shows its more fun riding than winning

Scary Facts

Quality Wins

from Russia [mostly]


Little John Cash 

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New Zealand













Some 2017 Australian Cartoons

thanks Clive B

Johnny Cash took only three voice lessons in his childhood
 before his teacher, enthralled with Cash’s unique singing style,
 advised him to stop taking lessons
 and to never deviate from his natural voice
“When I was 17, I had been cutting wood all day with my father
 and I came in and I was singing a gospel song,
 “Everybody’s gonna have a wonderful time up there, Glory hallelujah.”
 Suddenly my voice dropped and I was singing bomm – buh-buh – bomm way down low 
in the key of E. 
And my mother said, ‘Who is that singing?’ 
She came out of the back door and there I was, and I said, 
‘That was me, Momma.’ She said,
 ‘Well keep on singing. So I kept on singing.”

Odds and Ends

 Predator stalking its prey

Redneck Grilling

Most consecutive one handed backflips 
 Guinness World Records

Some truths

Graham Norton: Comic Hero  Best Comic Book Stars
 on The Graham Norton Show

it happens

An Ode To Love

Funny Animals

Snow Dog

if the roles were reversed!!

Angelica Hale
 9-Year-Old Earns Golden Buzzer From Chris Hardwick 
 America's Got Talent 2017

Funny Signs

Phun  Phacts

"Word of the Week"

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