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Western Australia

Talbot Bay

Great natural wonders 
tidal waves at Talbot Bay, Australia 
David Attenborough - BBC

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Best Videos of the Week! (Ep. 37)

Funny Animals

Change like an Eagle


Ben Stiller and young tennis star


Arrested Development 
A Very Literal Doctor


Bullying Jr.

Burger King released a video about bullying. 
They staged a scene of high school students bullying a kid in the dining area,
 and the also "bullied" their Whopper Jr. burgers.
 That's the goofy part.
 They compare how many people complained about the burger
 to how many people stood up for the kid.
 As you can guess, more people were concerned about the burger. 
After all, they paid for that. 

Odds and Ends

Exercise your brain
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 Death is not the end of everything


Switching the Sun

Fun with Canada

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Funniest Stretcher FAILS Compilation!

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Playing the saxophone without a saxophone

All things Pink

Unobservant Pedestrian Nearly Gets Hit

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Change one plus sign to a 4


In the sixth row


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