Saturday, February 10, 2018


Western Australia

Cathedral Gorge in the Kimberleys

Epic pictures

Awesome Winter Sports

Just in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics,
 the People Are Awesome crew shares
 with us some cool clips of people being awesome
 at winter sports.


Just in case you missed it!!!

A Tourism Australia ad inspired by Crocodile Dundee 
has aired to a potential 110 million Super Bowl viewers in the US
 as part of a record $US27m  campaign targeting American travellers. 
 The ad is a continuation of the Dundee: 
The Son Of A Legend Returns Home faux trailers
 which have emerged online in recent weeks
 to make it appear a Crocodile Dundee film sequel was in preparation.

Harley Davidson of Scottsdale 
 Commercial  Harley Inside

thanks Gordon H

Shower Thoughts

Nudist Cricket Match

Funny Signs

Cool Waterfall Swing
If singing in the rain isn’t your thing
 because you don’t want to get wet 
then maybe swinging in the rain is on
 this cool waterfall swing set where you never get wet
.Sensors mounted on the swing set send data
 to a software program that determines 
when to release the water so it misses the person 
swinging beneath the waterfall.
 The water used for this is recirculated from
 the collection pool beneath the swings 
so it’s not using a lot of water

Home Handyman

thanks kitty l

River Dance on Ice

Jason Brown 

 Riverdance On Ice,

 be sure to watch until the end 


Celebrities doing British accents

 on The Graham Norton Show

Funny Animals

Lightning Hitting River 
 Boiling At Maximum Temperature

Around the world


Utah’s Great Salt Lake.
 On the left of the railroad the lake has turned pink
 due to brine shrimp and algae.




Capsule Hotel In Japan


British Humor


Roy Beck uses Gumballs in this colorful presentation
 of data from the World Bank and U.S. Census Bureau 
to discuss World Poverty and Immigration.
 With over 3 Billion people in the world classified
 as desperately poor and making less than $2 a day
 it’s no wonder many view the United States 
as the ultimate destination.
 99.9% of the world’s poor will never make it
 to a wealthy country so doesn’t it
make sense to help them prosper where they already live?

Earth Facts

This competition between a priest

 and a group of cyclists is hilarious

Historical pictures

Odds and Ends

thanks Don H

 Super Bowl  2018 Commercial
 It’s All The Tide Ads

It happens

Fun with Logo's

"Word of the Week"

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