Monday, September 29, 2008


Paul Newman 1925-2008

In the top end of South Australia and in the middle of nowhere[almost]
In the early days the old original Ghan railway ran thru the town
The Oodnadatta track travels from Marla Bore on the Stuart highway to
Maree and flirts around the bottom of Lake Eyre
Today it is famous for its pink roadhouse
Peter from Holties House had the follwing poem posted about Oodnadatta

Bloody.... The great Australian adjective.


The bloody town’s a bloody cuss,
No bloody trams, no bloody bus.
And no-one cares for bloody us
In Oodna-bloody-datta.
Just bloody heat and bloody flies,
The bloody sweat runs in your eyes.
And if it rains, what a surprise
In Oodna-bloody-datta.
No bloody fun, no bloody games,
No bloody sport, no bloody dames.
Won’t even give their bloody names
In Oodna-bloody-datta.
No bloody clouds or bloody rain.
No bloody curbs no bloody drains.
The bloody council’s got no brains
In Oodna-bloody-datta.
The bloody goods are bloody dear’
A bloody buck for a bloody beer.
But is it good, no bloody fear
In Oodna-bloody-datta.
The bloody dances make you smile,
The bloody band is bloody vile,
They only cramp your bloody style
In Oodna-bloody-datta.
The best place is in bloody bed
With bloody ice upon your head,
You might as well be bloody dead
In Oodna-bloody-datta.
Author unknown

An African was travelling in China.
In a remote village,
he came upon an elderly Chinaman skipping stones across a lake.
At each bounce of the stone off the water,
the mountains surrounding the lake echoed back, "CHING...CHANG...CHUN..."
The African was amazed.
He asked the Chinaman what was going on.
"Oh", said the Chinese,
"magic spirit of the lake echo back the names of your ancient ancestors
as your stone skip upon the sacred waters".
"Wow", said the African, "can I try it?".
"Certainly", replied the Chinaman.
The African picked up the biggest stone he could find,
and gave it a mighty heave across the waters..
.and as it skipped across the waters, the mountains echoed back

What Would You Do?
You are the President of the United States.
Scientists have discovered a meteor that is headed towards the earth.
They have calculated that it will strike France in 2 days, at approximately 2:30 A.M.
The meteor is large enough to completely wipe France from the face of the earth forever.
France and the United Nations have requested that the United States
send all available ships and aircraft to help evacuate the country.
Among the ships and planes you could be sending are many
that are being used to fight he war on terror overseas.
As the President, you must decide:
Do you...
A) Stay up late on the night of the impact to watch the coverage live?
B) Tape it and watch it in the morning?

On my recent trip up north I took these pictures
so you would believe me
This bloke is heading towards Karatha from Alice Springs
He has been on the road 5 months
This road where these pictures were taken
has some of the biggest road trains travellig on it 24/7
How one hasn't collected him is amazing

Kiss my Ass

A man is walking down the street when he sees a sign in the window of a travel agency
that says CRUISES - $100.
He goes into the agency and hands the guy $100.
The travel agent then whacks him over the head with a baseball bat
and throws him in the river.
Another man is walking down the street a half hour later,
sees the sign and pays the guy $100.
The travel agent then whacks him with the baseball bat
and throws him in the river.
Sometime later, the two men are floating down the river together
and the first man asks,
"Do you think they'll serve any food on this cruise?"
The second man says,
"I don't think so. They didn't do it last year


A man was not only upset that his daughter was getting married,
but to further aggravate him, it was to a Greek.
Sweating, he decided to have a father-to-daughter frank discussion with her.
"Honey, if your in bed with your husband and he tells you to roll over,
well, er, uh, well, you just don't have to."
After the newlyweds had been married for some time,
they were in bed and the husband tells his new wife,
"OK, roll over."
"My father told me that I don't have to if I don't want to!!" she screamed.
"You want to get pregnant, don't you?" he replied.

Brotherhood of Man...........Angelo

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