Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Happiness is..........

Those Funny Animals

If Animals were round

Bear Shampoo



Thai Military Parade


By night, three violinists played in the symphony orchestra. 
During the day, to make a little money on the side,
 they used their musical talents by roving the city streets
 and having impromptu concerts wherever they thought 
they could make some money from the passersby. 
They called their group,

This weekend while shopping in a local toy store,
 I came across a long line of people waiting
 for a promised shipment of dolls from Mattel
. As I scanned the line,
 I noticed a friend waiting with all the others.
 I knew my friend had no daughters or young relatives
, so I figured he must like the dolls himself.
 “Danny, ” I said going up to him,
 “I didn’t know you were a collector! ”
 “I’m not, ” he replied
. “Oh, ” I said, “You’re buying a gift, then. ”
 “No, not at all, ” my friend responded.
 “If you don’t mind my asking then, Danny, ” I said,
 “Why are you standing in this line? ”
 “Oh that, ” he answered. “It’s like this, ”
 my friend stated,
 “I’ve never been able to resist a barbie queue! ”


How to beach a Ferry destined for scrap
in Turkey




Don't go near the Eskimo's




Did you hear about the thoughtful Scotsman
 who was heading out to the pub?
He turned to his wee wife before leaving and said,

 "Maggie - put your hat and coat on, lassie."
She replied, "Awe Jock that's nice 

- are you taking me tae the pub with you?"
 "Nay," Jock replied.
  "I'm switching the heat off while I'm out."



Seen in Ontario earlier this week

thanks David T

New on the Market in Canada

Still in Canada


The Internet of everything


Interesting Pictures

Costa Concordia – a new perspective






Women's  Logic

A young bride was scouring the aisles of the supermarket.
 Up and down each aisle she went, then started over again.
 The store manager noticed this and went over to her
. "Can I help you find something, miss?" he asked
. "It's Mrs.!", she said proudly,
 "I just got married."
 "Congratulations, " said the manager
. "What can I help you find?"
 "Scratch," she replied.
 "Scratch?" he asked, "Is that a new cleanser or something?"
 "No silly," she replied brightly.
 "My husband told me that his mother made everything from scratch, 
so I need to find some!"




New pants required


Phun Phacts




Odds and Ends



Pigeon Prank


This weeks signs

Norwegian Blind Advert

Phils Philosophy


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Sandee said...

Another fun week Phil. I love the almost head on crash of the trucks, the beaching of the boat and many, many more.

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