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This Lindy Hop Dance routine performed by dancers
 Jessica Lennartsson and Remy Kouakou Kouame is entertaining and fun to watch. 
They performed this dance at the 2013 International Lindy Hop Championships
 which were held in Washington D.C. in August.


Kayla Henley is 15 and Jeremy Webb is 17 
and and together they won the 2012
 Junior Division National Carolina Shag Dancing Championships.
 They’re dancing to Joe Turner’s “Flip, Flop and Fly.” 


Why Kids Cry

Those Funny Animals


Let's Go For a Ride!
Quite a car! Note the "starter!"

It's a 1901 Ford. .

     You're traveling @ 75 mph with no seat backs,
 no seat belts and no brakes!

     Can it get any better?
 State of the art cotton cord tire technology.

     Still interested?

                                       Lets go for a ride back in history

thanks Kitty L


Meet the New World Trade Center 

These amazing photos of the 1776 foot tall new trade center
 have now been published, and they are exciting! 
This new tower is certainly beautiful,
 and will be a source of pride no doubt to people of New York City,
 who have lost so much from 12 years ago

thanks Ray S


Moment of Impact

A collection of Face Plants


The Dalai Lama had received permission
 from the Chinese government to restore a long unused
 Buddhist temple as a museum to extol the glories
 of the People's Republic.
 The Lama felt that merely having access to the art
 and architectural treasures stored therein would help
 prevent the further loss of the Tibetan traditions.

As the Lama and his crew began clearing the temple,
 they were attacked by supernatural defenders of their faith,
 the Dakinis. Dakinis or "skywalkers," 
as they were commonly known, were ghostly women,
 of all sizes and skin colors, some with animal heads,
 each armed with a mystical weapon that could inflict
 severe physical damage on the living. 

The crew refused to work, 
and the Lama called on Friar Harold Hillary,
 a famed exorcist, to help cleanse the abandoned temple
 of these unwanted spirits.
Friar Harold rushed to the temple, 
armed with holy water 
and a nasty three-sided dagger called a "purba"
 that can pierce ghostly flesh. 

As the exorcist and the Lama entered the temple,
 a huge, lion-headed, dark green Dakini
 with a head-chopping sword gave an ear-shattering shriek.
 The exorcist splashed holy water on her, 
and she vanished. 

Then a giantess, at least twelve feet tall,
 a red-skinned Dakini, 
hurled an arm-binding noose over them,
 but the Friar stabbed her with the "purba,"
 and she vanished. 

Next, a hugely obese Dakini,
 blue-black with flames shooting out of every pore,
 hurled a shoulder-piercing trident at the Lama,
 but he ducked and countered by chanting
 the weapon's mantra, "Phat!"
 and the monster vanished.

There were dozens of monsters,
 but the two vanquished every one. 
But one creature, of saffron hue and diminutive size,
 no bigger than a human thumb,
 managed to wound the exorcist in an embarrassing part 
of his anatomy.
 In his memoirs Fr. Harold described this skywalker:
 "She was an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny,
 yellow poke-a-butt Dakini."

A bird breeder, who dealt with only species

 that are normally wild,
 not parrots, canaries, or parakeets, had a difficult life,
 getting up early to feed all his charges,
 never taking a vacation, working hard,
 and yet he enjoyed his life.
 When the local newspaper interviewed him 
for a feature story,
 they asked him if he was sorry about the life
 he'd chosen for himself.
 His reply?
 "I have no egrets."

Punny Business Names


Heavy snow had buried a woman's van in their driveway.
 Her husband dug around the wheels,
 rocked the van back and forth 
and finally pushed her free. 

A short while later, while on the road, 
she heard an odd noise coming from under the van.
 Concerned, she got on her cell phone 
and called home. 
"Thank God you answered," she said
 when her husband picked up. 
"There's this alarming sound coming under the van.
 For a minute I thought I was dragging you down the highway." 
In a shocked voice, her husband replied,
 "And you didn't stop?!" 


FaceBook Movie Parody


Historical pictures


Super Bowl Ads
A couple I liked


Apparently this one offended some  Americans



The best Mother /Son Wedding Dance
"wait for it"



 Stolen from Skips House of Chaos


Rick's Rant


Guess Who!!!

Human Facts


Music treat from Johnny Horton



Odds and Ends

This weeks Signs

Because Who's Perfect!!!


Phils Philosophy


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Another great blog. Dancers danced like we thought we could 50 years ago Phil. Regards David B.

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