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 Kangaroo's at Lucky Bay  Esperance

Firestone Pickup Truck

Having a pickup truck with Firestone tires 
on it is perfect when you need to make that quick pick up and get away.
 An entertaining ad from Firestone and Ad Agency Leo Burnett
 about the benefit of Firestone Tires.
 I love the look on the father’s face when he realizes
 that not only has daughter left home but she has taken the dog with her.


Those Funny Animals

Grizzly Eats My GoPro



 Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a King.
 In the King's court was a Jester. 

The Jester had a real talent for puns 
and shared them with the King at every opportunity. 

The King, however, hated puns more than anything
. In fact, puns so annoyed the King that he issued
 a proclamation banning puns from his kingdom. 
Anyone caught creating or distributing puns
 was to be hung immediately. 

When the Jester heard his King's proclamation, 
he immediately re-quested an audience. 
Appearing before the King, 
he begged to have the new rule revoked. 

The King refused.

The following dialog ensued: 

King: “Why can't you tell normal jokes like other Jesters?” 

Jester: “OK, I'll try. Name a subject.” 

King: “How about the King?” 

Jester: “But the King is not a subject.” 

This blatant pun angered the King greatly.
 He demanded that the Jester try again, 
and this time be serious. 

The Jester agreed, and thought long and hard before speaking. 

“You know,” he said, “our Queen may be a wonder
, but Queen Mary was a Tu-dor.” 

This was too much for the King
 and he ordered that the Jester be hung. 

However, when he saw his old Jester up on the gallows 
he was filled with sympathy. 

“Listen,” said the King, “I'll give you one last chance.
 If you can go for one more week without telling me any puns,
 I'll let you live.” 

The Jester agreed and was escorted down from the gallows. 

When he reached the ground, 
he looked back up at the swinging rope 
and said to the King, “You know it’s true what they say.” 

"What's that?” asked the King. 

“No noose is good noose.” 

The Jester was promptly hung


Deserving Waitress .....  get the hankies out


Interesting pictures

Jaba Kankava saves his unconscious opponent’s life
 during a match today by pulling his tongue from blocking his airways.

Leatherback Sea Turtle

The Voice .....     Italian Style


Strange Laws from around the World

There was an accordion player driving home from a late night gig. 
 Feeling tired, he pulled into a local store for some coffee...

While waiting to pay,
 he remembered that he locked his car doors
 but left the accordion in plain view on the back seat of his car!

He rushed out only to discover that he was too late...

The back window of his car was smashed 
and somebody had already thrown in two more accordions!


Thinking of a holiday in Australia!!!

Blue-ringed octopus are the only species of octopus fatal to humans.

Even bloody freshwater swim holes can be dangerous

A giant building implosion in Australia goes wrong


however ..... you could go to North Queensland

Fresh-off-the-trawler Coral Sea prawns out the back of a car. For $15 a kilo.

Though the rain can get annoying when it drowns out the TV.

Holding triathlons in crocodile infested waters makes PERFECT sense.

You can drive two days North without getting anywhere.


Or perhaps England


Odds and Ends

Mow the Snow

More from this Fabulous Quartet

thanks Ray S


This kid goes to his dad and says,
 "Dad, I really want to learn to play the bass. 
They've got lessons at school.
 Can I have a bass and an amp?"
 Dad gets that Serious Fatherly Look, says, 
"Well, son, that's a big investment.
 I'd want to know you're going to stick with it," etc.
 Kid promises he will. 
They go out and get an ax and amp.
 Next day, Dad says, "How'd the bass lesson go?"
 Kid says, "We learned time signatures. 
This is 4/4," and proceeds to go thump thump thump thump 
on the open E string.
Dad says, "Good, son, stick with it." 
Following day, Dad says, "What did you learn in school?" 
Kid says, "Octaves. Look," and plays low 
and high Es. Thump THUMP Thump THUMP.
 "Good, son, stick with it," says Dad.
 Following day, kid comes home, 
Dad asks what he learned in school.
 Kid looks down and confesses,
 "I, uh, skipped school today,
 Dad. I had a gig."


Magician David Copperfield performs a dramatic escape
 from a building right before it is demolished.
The building was The Hotel Charlotte in Charlotte, NC and it was demolished in 1988

Phun Phacts about Water


Welcome to Birmingham, England – 
where pilots have white knuckles and steel nerves 
This eleven minute video highlights the skill and focus
 that is demanded from pilots who fly here. 
So, find something to bite down on, 
and imagine yourself flying in the back of one of these planes!


The Truth

This security camera gem reveals that some 
Fedex driver had a rough morning..
The guy's lucky though, it could have been much worse.


This weeks Signs

Fails of the Week


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Sandee said...

Loved the Firestone Tires video. Way cool.

That poor Jester. He just couldn't help himself. Puns were just his thing.

Best Shift Ever was awesome. That was a great thing that happened to her. I enjoyed that very much.

That nun can sing. Wow.

That implosion that went wrong was something else. Yikes.

Mow the snow? The dog was having a great time.

The Crossroads! Awesome and then some.

I loved the David Copperfield video. His illusions have always fascinated me.

Loved the facts about water. I didn't know most of these.

Note to self...Never fly into or out of Birmingham England. Never ever.

No, everything won't be okay with Obama out of office. Both the democrats and the republicans are the very same. We need a whole new batch to run the country that are not in the pockets of the rich.

That poor Fed-Ex guy. That would make you pucker and then some.

I've spent way over an hour here today. Good stuff.

Have a fabulous weekend Phil. :)