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 Contio's Beach
near Margaret River


Readers of this Blog will know I am a great Amira Fan

Celebrated her tenth birthday in March


Those Funny Animals


"Chicken or the Egg" is an offbeat romantic comedy 
about a pig who has an EGGdiction to eating eggs.
 But when he falls in love with the hottest chicken in town,


A touch of Irony

Magic Clerk




Phun Phacts


The Land that made

thanks kitty l

Children of the World

 Skater girls in Tehran.

 10 year old Yemeni girl smiling after she was granted a divorce from her husband 
- a grown adult

3 weeks old infant with albinism snuggles up to his cousin for a snooze.


A Rwandan boy left scared after being liberated from a death camp.



In the next 60 seconds

Raise the Colorado River
Raise the River is trying to increase awareness
 and funding for raising the level of the Colorado River
 to help restore the Colorado River Delta. 
This creative clip featuring actors Robert Redford and Will Ferrell 
shows us two opposing views on the environmental situation.
 Redford would prefer to actually raise the river
 by stopping some of the water diversions and dams
 while Ferrell would prefer to just raise the ocean instead.


A witch doctor kept the members of his tribe in subjugation
 by means of his powerful magic. 
Whenever one of the tribe’s people tried to revolt against the tyrant, 
he uttered a magic incantation
 and turned the person into an apple.

One night, a group of the witch doctor’s subjects sneaked into his hut, 
opened his book of magic and learned the apple incantation. 
When the doctor awoke,
 the people recited the magic phrases and turned him into an apple.

But the magic book warned that if the apple ever dried out 
and changed significantly in weight, 
it would change back to the person under the spell. 
Not wishing for the doctor’s revenge, 
every day the tribe’s people would place the apple on a scale 
to make sure its weight remained the same.

Moral: A weigh a day keeps the doctor an apple

A group of animals made a reservation for a banquet
 at the city's most exclusive and expensive restaurant.
 They were sent to a beautifully decorated banquet room 
where they were served the finest gourmet cuisine
 each according to his own dietary preferences. 

When the animals were brought the bill, 
this is how they responded:

The skunk says, "Don't look at me, I only have a scent."

The gopher said, "Sorry, but I've been in a hole."

The duck said, "Just put it on my bill."

The pelican complained, "My bill is much too large."

The sardine said, "I can't pay. My boss called and I've been canned."

The crow said, "I was warned there would be a murder if I pay this bill."

The squid stated he would have signed a check, but he was out of ink.

The deer said, "I had a buck last week and I'm expecting a little doe soon."

The gopher said, "I'm in the hole right now."

The ram said, "I was expecting ewe to pay."

The cockoo said, "I can't. I lost my nest egg."

The frog said, "I've only got one greenback."

The porcupine was thinking, "Which one can I stick for the check?"

The snake said, "It's hiss turn to pay."

The pig said, "Sorry but I can't contribute.
 I didn't bring home the bacon this month."

The dove treated the bill like a plague.

The rhinocerous said: "Don't worry. 
 When the waiter comes, I'll just charge it."

The amoeba said, "I've got to split now."

The paramecium said, "I'll split it with him."

The sponge said, "I can't absorb the cost."

The ferret said, "It's none of my business."

The groundhog said, "If you let me go I shadow you a favor."

The grizzly said, "I'm barely getting along."

The koala said, "And I'm just a little bare right now."

The turtle said, "I shell pay next time."

And the snail said, "I can't shell out either."

The goose said, "I'm down on my luck."

The owl asked, "Whooo? Me?"

The elephant said, "I left what I had in my trunk."

The tapeworm said, "I am flat broke today."

The manx cat said, 
"I know you've probably heard this tail before,
 but I'm a little short."

The dachshund said, 
"I'm very short, and I've got be to getting a long."

The pigeon said, "I can only make a deposit right now."

The dolphin said, "I didn't leave my wallet at home on porpoise."

The cow said, "You'll have to ask one of the udders. 
I got no mooo-lah."

The electric eel was asked if he could charge it.
 He answered, "Don't be shocked, but my account is not current."

The bumblebee said 
"Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzz off."

The zebra said, "It's all black and white. 
I can't change my stripes because I haven't got the bread."

The mule asked if he would get a kick-back.

The kangaroo said, "I left home with an empty pouch."

The giraffe said, "It just is too high for me."

The starfish insisted that as a celebrity, he be comp't. 

The mussel said, "Ah, balon-e."

The other mollusks just clammed up.

The chameleon was nowhere to be seen.

The beaver got up to leave and said, 
"I'll be damned if I'll pay. You'll have to ask one of the otters
. But it's been nice gnawing you."

The chicken, in a foul mood, laid it on the line,  
"I think you're all so cheep."

Finally the lion said, 
"I'm not a cheetah. I'll pay it. I've still got my pride."


Drop Bears




Cool Prank


Oops!!........  bad day


Bizarre Borders


Odds and Ends

answer below

answer ...  b

Bartley Kives captures the sullen attitude of Winnipeggers
 towards the never ending winter with this take on
 Simon and Garfunkel's hit The Sound of Silence


This weeks signs


Trick Fails


Phils Philosophy

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Hi Phil...we are on a cruise this weekend and are about to get our boat inspected by the coast guard. A boating safety thing. I'll come back tomorrow and spend the appropriate about of time to enjoy your weekly offerings.

Have a fabulous day :)

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Okay, all the videos rock but the little blind girl playing the piano was the very best.

Then there is the pig and the egg/chicken that fell in love. that was really fun too.

Loved all the magician videos. I love Jay Leno too.

The U.S. and Canada border video I didn't know about. Very interesting.

Another fun day Phil. Have a fabulous day and week ahead. :)