Saturday, October 11, 2014


Western Australia

Kalbarri  ....  600kms north of Perth


The Life of flowers


Fascinating Pictures


Partly Cloudy


Those Funny Animals


Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog




Snickers Mr Bean TV advert 


Awesome Police Officers


Ever wanted to ride an elephant?
 You have to watch this!


Chilli [y] outside


5-Year-Old JP Gibson 
 Plays for the Utah Jazz

Gibson, who was diagnosed
 with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2012
, was in uniform and joined the Jazz 
on the bench for tonight’s open scrimmage
and was signed in on a one day contract


Around the World


What's up Hong Kong?
Good to watch if you suffer from vertigo!!


Two good old boys, Mick & Paddy,
 have been promoted from privates to Lance Corporals.
Not long afterward, they're out for a walk and Mick says,
 "Hey, Paddy, there's the NCO Club; 
let's you and me step in."
"But we’re only privates," protests Paddy.
"We’re Lance Corporals now," says Mick, 
pointing to his stripe and pulling him inside.
 "Now, Paddy, I'm a-gonna sit down and have me a drink."
"But we're privates," says Paddy.
"You blind, boy?" asks Mick, pointing again at his stripe.
 "We're Lance Corporals now!"
So they have their drink, 
and pretty soon one of the Army lasses comes up to Mick.
"You're cute," she says, "and I'd like to date you,
 but I've got a bad case of gonorrhea."
Mick pulls his friend to the side and whispers,
 "Paddy, go look in the dictionary 
and see what Gonorrhea means. 
If it's okay, give me the okay sign."
So Paddy goes to look it up, 
comes back, and gives Mick the big Thumbs Up.
Three weeks later Mick is laid up in the infirmary 
with a terrible case of gonorrhea.
Mick says to Paddy, 
"Why did you give me the thumbs up?"

"Well Mick, in the dictionary,
 it say gonorrhea affects only the privates
 and we're Lance Corporals now! "




wild kangaroo street fight Aussie style


and in Russia




Perform their 1962 big hit




Ten Minutes a Day Could Change Everything


Don't give a damn


The Luckiest People



Police are called to an apartment
 and find a woman holding a bloody 3-iron
 standing over a lifeless man.

The detective asks, 
"Ma'am, is that your husband?"

"Yes" says the woman.

"Did you hit him with that golf club?"

&qu ot;Yes, yes, I did." 
The woman begins to sob, drops the club,
 and puts her hands on her face.
"How many times did you hit him?"

"I don't know --
 put me down for a five."

The bride was escorted down the aisle 
and when she reached the altar, 
the groom was standing there with his golf bag
 and clubs at his side.

She said:
 "What are your golf clubs doing here?"

He looked her right in the eye and said, 
"This isn't going to take all day, is it?"


Please Move The Deer Crossing

more of the same!!

Odds and Ends


I was in a pet shop when I noticed a Muslim 
with the most amazingly colored parrot perched on her shoulder.
"Where did you get that from?"  I asked. 

There's thousands of 'em!" .....said the Parrot.


One way to cut the Grass



Women and Men

Why Women Live Longer!!


Another Music Classic

Sea Of Heartbreak


This weeks GIF's


Amazing Water Trick!
 How to Suspend Water Without a Cup!


This weeks signs


20 BMX Fails


Phils Philosophy


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Sandee said...

The Life of Flowers was amazing. How did they do that.

Fascinating Pictures was indeed fascinating.

Partly Cloudy. That poor bird. Such loyalty.

Dear Kitten...Bwahahahahahaha. So very true.

Yikes on some of those selfies. Scary.

Those cops rock and then some.

The elephant. I had no idea they were treated so horrible. No I don't want to ride and elephant.

That 5 year old was awesome. What a great thing to do. Bless his heart.

Loved the water clock.

Hong Kong. Yikes, I had to move on.

I lifted the Mick and Paddy joke. That's a good one.

Loved the kangaroo fight.

Ten minutes a day could change everything? Spot on.

The luckiest people. Wow, those were amazing.

The deer crossing. What an idiot. This person is taking up air that she doesn't deserve to breathe.

The demolition guy is married to the deer crossing lady.

That is how the senate works.

Why women live longer? Well duh.

Loved the gifs. That truck really stopped in a hurry.

Your shuttle bus driver is hung. Bwahahahahahahahahaha. TMI!

And another fine week Phil.

Have a fabulous weekend. :)