Saturday, July 11, 2015


Western Australia
 Hammersley Gorge


 (Summer Edition)



And in the rest of the world



its been a bit cold in Queensland



18 Foot Underwater Statue Located In The Bahamas




Middle East 



Amazing Fog Waterfall

A guy on a hiking trip near the cliffs in Látrabjarg, Iceland, 
captured this 





Those Funny Animals

Aaron's Animals - Close Enough
The cats back

Cat and Cucumber


Something to think about


Unsung heroes of science
A handful of inspirational people 
- that you’ve probably never heard of - 
are proving that science doesn’t just change the game.
 It can change the world for the better. 
They have devoted their time and energy to solve challenges
 such as Malaria outbreaks in Tanzania
or how to provide food for 9 billion people in 2050. 
Thanks to their commitment it is possible to turn harmful
 methane gas into biodegradable plastics 
and for disabled people to walk again 
. Meet our unsung heroes of science.


Do you remember this TV show??


That Mitchell and Webb Look
 Flamingo World


That Mitchell and Webb Look
 (Caveman detective)


Odds and Ends


Pooface commercial




America's Got Talent 2015

Arielle Baril:
 Heidi Klum Hits Golden Buzzer 
for 11-Year-Old Opera Singer 

Michael John
 Sexy Magician Tries to Kiss Mel B 


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Amazing Grace 
 Condoleezza Rice & Jenny Oaks Baker


This Weeks Signs


This guy's amazing!
His routine looks like a Pixar short film!


Phun Phacts


The First Hold & Release Bungee Jump 
 Damien Walters


Phils Philosophy

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1 comment:

Sandee said...

People are awesome. That was AWESOME!

I see why Greece hates Germany and the EU.

Oh the Missouri and Oklahoma is spot on.

That snake stealing the dog is scary, and brave.

Loved the river filled with cherry blossoms. That's cool.

Yikes on that sink hole in India. That's frightening.

Wow on the eyes of God in Bulgaria.

I never want to have chicken nutguts. Never.

First time I've ever seen a fog waterfall. Way cool.

Loved the video "if we could see inside others' hearts. Yes indeed. We all have our crosses to bear.

The close enough video. Bwahahahahahahaha.

The cat and the cucumber. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Something to think about. I didn't know any of these things.

Oh the unsung heroes of science. Amazing.

Flamingo World. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

Caveman detective. Even a bigger bwahahahahahahahaha.

Love, love, love the pooface commercial. Hubby and I laughed all the way through.

Arille Baril. Wow,wow and wow.

Oh the magician was really good. Really good.

Amazing Grace. Excellent.

Loved the signs.

Loved the pixar short film guy. He's very good.

I always enjoy your Phun Phacts. Always.

I've walked past more than 36 murderers in my life. Way more than that.

I'll pass on that bungee jump.

Another fine week Phil.

Have a fabulous day. ☺