Saturday, July 18, 2015


Western Australia

El Questro Station  and Tourist Centre
on the Pentecost River
Access off the Gibb River Road


 Be more dog


Then and Now


Regular Readers will know I posted this video before
Here is Gary Vost in his award winning video
Plus another I found

 Puddles Pity Party
 at the SF Regency Lodge Ballroom


Puddles Pity Party 
 You Don't Know Me 
Wait for it!!


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Megavalanche Glacier Carnage
This mountain bike race requires nerves of steel,
 excellent riding skills and a lot of good luck if you want to win


Before I complain the next time I get into that cold car,
            I'll try to remember what it was like for my grandparents
            and their contemporaries,
I love the front wheel skis!
in the fist picture


Happy Birthday Van


Around the World


Wombats can reach speeds of 40 kph
Millie is in training mode

eastern Australia is a bit cold this week
 This picture was taken in Orange  NSW


Japan has constructed a pool for Elephants to swim

What Japanese think of Canada


North Korea









New Zealand
The World's Biggest Waterslide! 



South America


The Pacific Crest Trail in Three Minutes


Those Funny Animals

Elephant Attack
 Circus Animal Lifts Car Off The Ground

Kittens Meet Puppies For The First Time

Catzooka - Cat Launcher!



Bizzarre Blunders


Rediscover the Joy of the Kitchen
TV Advert 
This ad from IKEA shows a troop of monkeys 
(who actually live at the Jaguar Rescue Centre)
 and some other creatures having great fun in a modern kitchen
 magically plopped into the rain forest. 
Just wait until they find out where the bananas are stored! 
Or maybe they were just upset that anyone would store bananas in the refrigerator. 
 this is live action in Costa Rica,


Odds and Ends

Bad Day


Americas Got Talent

Piff the Magic Dragon:
 Comedic Magician Kisses Heidi Klum


Tundra Comics


Blue Angels Fly By


15,000 feet in 45 seconds!..  by Test Pilot


No Train???


Special VI Morphing


This weeks signs


Gravity Sucks and Balance Fails Compilation 2015 


Phils Philosophy


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1 comment:

Sandee said...

Be More Dog. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

Before and after. Spot on.

Puddles Pity Party. That was most entertaining.

You Don't Know Me. Oh that ending. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

No more Bush's and no more Clinton's please. Enough is enough.

I'm taking the utter nonsense fork in the road too.

Job applicants and welfare applicants is spot on for here.

Oh my on the bike race. That was frightening. There had to be some serious injuries during some of those crashes.

I won't ever complain about my car being cold. I promise.

Happy Birthday Van. That was neat.

Oh my goodness on that huge scary snake that got caught on his electric fence. That is scary big.

Wombats are adorable. I didn't know they could move that fast.

I love the elephant pool. That's amazing.

Interesting what the Japanese think about Canada.

Oh I love that farm in Switzerland. I want to move there.

Love that water-slide in New Zealand. How fun.

Hubby has done some of the Pacific Crest Trail. He wanted to do the whole thing, but he's too old now. He so loved it up there.

Oh the kittens and puppy video. That was adorable.

That cat launcher was scary.

Oh my on the blunders. Funny how things like that make other things happen. I didn't know about most of these.

Loved the kitchen advert. That was most entertaining.

Odds and ends. Always fun.

Piff the magic dragon. He was good.

Love the Blue Angels. Wow. All those tents that took off too.

That test pilot did one quick assent. Wow.

The special morphing was cool.

Gravity sucks indeed.

We are currently in Pittsburg with some boating friends. Having a great time.

Another fine week Phil.

Have a fabulous day. ☺