Saturday, July 25, 2015



Western Australia
Montgomery Reef

This amazing reef is located about 5 km off the coast
 and is covered and then exposed twice a day 
with the massive tides prevalent up north.



Jonathan Rossouw's Gorilla Encounter
 in Uganda



Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition (Parody)


A three-time world champion surfer had a close encounter
 with a shark during a competition in South Africa last Sunday

Australian surfer Mick Fanning fended off an attack
 and escaped the tense confrontation unscathed.



Snorkelling Animal Handler 
Teaches Cute Penguin to Swim


Those funny Animals

Whats the password?


Ready for the Swim Meet

Somewhere in this picture is a snow  leopard
if you cant find him
Answer at end of blog


These Cats Can't Jump 


nor can Raccoons


Historical Pictures


That Mitchell And Webb Look 
 The Drunk Office



All Alone in the Night 
Time-lapse footage of the Earth
 as seen from the ISS

All Alone in the Night is a cool time-lapse video of Earth
 as seen from the International Space Station (ISS).
The Aurora Australis scenes are spectacular 
and would be amazing to see from space.
Seeing Earth from Space inspires a sense of awe and wonder 


Around the World




Foggy morning in Sydney






South Korea











The Muppets 
First Look Presentation


Kids will be Kids


The Magical Porta Potty


Odds and Ends

Psycho test

Tampa   Florida



The Overly Complicated Coffee Order


Having a bad day


Guns With History


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Amazing Limo vs Train Crash
 July 18 2015 Elkhart County Indiana

This video demonstrates how long it takes a loaded train
 to stop once the brakes are applied.
 Yeah, about a mile, and the train wasn’t even going fast.
 Some accidents can’t be avoided, but you never mess with a train.
 It also highlights what a dumb design a stretch really is. 

The accident occurred last week in Ellkhart County, Indiana.
 A bunch of teenagers were in a  limousine to celebrate a birthday. 
They all got out as soon as the vehicle became stuck on the tracks,
 and no one was injured in the crash. 


People who don't give a .....


Amazing Street Football Skills By Lisa 
15 years old


This Weeks Signs


Impressive flight display 
Airbus A400M RIAT15


Phils Philosophy 

Here he is!!

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Sandee said...

Montgomery Reef is awesome. I know a bit about tides. That would be great to see and then watch disappear.

Oh the gorilla encounter. That was amazing. Amazing.

High heels edition. That was funny.

Chuck Norris...never heard of her. That's rich.

Looks like Bronwyn Bishop makes for a lot of fodder n her travels. Nothing beats our politicians travel expenses.

Awww teaching the penguin to swim. So adorable.

Oh my God...that spider scared me to pieces.

That dog scared of all those kittens is adorable. Pretty much the way it works too.

These cats can't jump. Bwahahahahahahaha. Bless their hearts.

Then there are the raccoons. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

I always love your historical pictures. I learn something every week.

The Taliban destroys so much history. That Budda was awesome.

Merger, merger and merger. I love this office. Cash flow, cash flow, and cash flow. Balance sheet, balance sheet and balance sheet. I'm to drunk to continue to the pub.

Time-lapse footage of the Earth. WOW!

Around the World. Always most entertaining.

The Muppets. What a cluster.

Kids will be kids. Isn't that the truth.

The Magical Porta Potty. I would have ran screaming.

Odds and Ends. Always a great history lesson.

You really think Obama is being held back by republicans? He isn't. He's destroying this country quite nicely. The media does whatever he wants them to do.

The Overly Complicated Coffee Order - good grief. That gal was awesome.

Having a bad day. Yep and some were worse than others.

I disagree with you about guns. I'm an ex-cop. Leave my guns alone. Gun free zones are where the most homicides are.

Yikes on the train and the limo. That was something. Glad no one was hurt or killed.

People who don't give a... Yep, they are everywhere and they vote and procreate.

Lisa and that football was cool.

This weeks signs. Some folks have a wicked sense of humor.

Hubby and I will pass on that airbus take off. Yikes.

Another fine week Phil.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺