Saturday, November 7, 2015


Western Australia

Surf's up..  Margaret River Beach


Bell Canada Remembrance Day 
TV Commercial: Poppy



Life is too short...enjoy it


John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015

Man On The Moon

This is the story of a young girl called Lily.
 Looking at the moon through her family telescope one night,
 she is amazed at what she finds
, a man on the moon.

Lily watches on as our man goes about his chores,
 all alone up there.
 She becomes determined to get something to the moon
, to send him a message and show him that
 someone down here is thinking of him.

The music is ‘Half the World Away’ performed by Aurora,
 the original song was by Oasis. 

Thanks Russ


  Around the World









Meanwhile in Nigeria


South Africa










New Zealand

SBW gives to a kiwi boy his Gold Medal




Top Ten wealthiest countries in the world

The Legatum Institute release an annual list of the global 
 which identifies the most prosperous countries in the world.
 Here are some names that topped the list.




4...New Zealand








 (Do it for Denmark )


Why Betty White is so cool


Hello Jetman


Those Funny Animals

Owl Takes The Tram


The Carbonaro Effect 
Fan Favorites 


Now I know...


Don't Worry Be Happy 
 Playing For Change


Odds and Ends

Seen in Montgomery Texas
thanks Russ

Women  washes her car


Hidden Cameras + Rising Temps 
A Social Experiment
Climate change is an issue that affects everyone.
 So how hot does it need to get before
 someone decides to say something?

We hired some unsuspecting temps in our "office"
 to see how much heat they were willing to take.


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Always good for a laugh!!

The Very Best Of
 "Walk on the Wild Side"
Meet the Not-Very-Scary-Sharks, the Scratching Badgers,
 the DIY Orang Utan, the Vultures Flying School 
and a Marmot called Alan. 
They all come together in this new show which combines
 the comedy talents of Jason Manford and friends
 together with some jaw-dropping natural history footage.
 Its time to take a Walk On The Wild Side.

thanks Ray S


Interesting Facts


Love recipe
The transitions between scenes are marvelous!!


This weeks signs


Where Police Meets Humanity & Heroism 


this is as close or even better that the Beach Boys original hit

The Fendertones 
Sloop John B

Phils Philosophy

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Sandee said...

Loved the Remembrance Day commercial.

The best commercial ever. Yes it is.

Life is too short, enjoy it. They were all awesome.

Man on the moon. Oh that was most heartwarming.

Around the world is always a great history lesson.

The mule and the mountain lion. Wow, that's amazing.

That kid loved that gold medal he got. Wow!

Top ten wealthiest countries in the world. Leaned lots of new things I didn't know.

I love Betty White too. She's awesome.

Hello Jetman. Way cool.

Those funny animals. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha.

The owl on the tram. Way cool.

That spider on those drums was really neat.

The Carbonaro Effect. Always enjoy these. All of them were so good.

Don't Worry Be Happy. Loved it.

Odds and Ends. Always fun.

Woman washes her car. Goodness. I've not seen someone do that before. Goodness. Bless her heart.

Yikes on that vehicle that hadn't had an oil change in 84,000 miles. That's ugly.

You have the politics right on the money.

Walk on the wild side. Way cool. Way, way cool.

Interesting Facts. Another history lesson.

Love recipe. That was most fun.

Always love the signs.

Real life heroes. So true. It's hard work, and often unappreciated. I loved every minute.

Sloop John B. That was very good.

Another fine couple of hours strolling through this weeks post.

Have a fabulous day Phil. ☺

Anonymous said...

Tons of good stuff again Phil - and interesting too.

Joining that crazy gang? Well, I guess one can always choose your friends..

If wild foxes can roam the streets of Germany, I guess it's ok if the owl

makes good use of the public Transport.

I just love the Little (Spider) Drummer Boy.

AND the love recipe is soo cute.

The carbonara effect - where can I buy those shoelaces?

Some cops are heroes and others are full of "don't care attitude"

True words indeed about how Music can and will influence of lives.

Thank you so much for the great effort you make Phil by posting so many

wonderful things that makes us - - -Ooooh and Aaah!!

I am forever peeping into your blog, unfortunately I am too slow or

distracted to post my comment...!

Have a great week Phil.

Celeste behind the snowy Alps.