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Western Australia

Contrasting colours at Gantheaume Point..Broome


La Bamba 
 Playing For Change 
 Song Around The World


Fascinating Pictures

Women practice yoga during a performance on a glass bridge
 at the Shiniuzhai National Geo-park in Pingjiang County,
 Hunan Province, China, on November 5, 2015.
 About one hundred yoga fans put on the show to promote
 the concept of green life and the idea of harmony 

While shooting the majestic Southern Stingray
 in the crystal clear water of the Sandbar in Grand Cayman, 
 this newlywed couple arrived—
the bride was still in her wedding dress!

 This shot,  captures the beginning of a new life together
, one where a couple will brave the troubles 
of the world hand-in-hand. 
The couple marches confidently towards the clouds
 in the frame ignoring the beasts at their feet;
 this is an adventure they will seek together.

A large cluster of marine life enjoys a massive feeding frenzy 
below the monolithic Eddystone Rock. 
The area is about 26 kilometers off Tasmania's South East Cape 
and is truly a wild location. 

Aerial shot taken over Toronto, Canada. 

This curious humpback put on quite a show 
 It swam back and forth between  boat and the small raft several times, 
stopping by each one and spy-hoping to get a better view. 
It was truly a magical day.
 Photographed near Mala, Hawaii.

This phenomenon occurs a few days a year during the winter solstice
 and when weather conditions are perfect 
for the alignment to happen. 
 Keyhole Rock in Big Sur, California

A female grizzly bear, patrolling the beaches
 of the Greater Lake Clark National Park area,
 with Alaska’s ubiquitous mountains providing 
an iconic backdrop across the strait.


Funny ski resort webcam footage
Welcome in Obergurgl / Hochgurgl.
 Our webcams stream live to 4000 hotel rooms in the resort,
 and are always recording so you can check out the snow conditions
. But last season we found some funny stuff going on. 
Here are some of our favourites!


Around the World


English Summer


New Zealand







Premature Joy
thanks David T


How Italians Learn To Talk

A cute little two year old girl having a conversation 
with her great grandmother shows us how
 Italians learn to talk with their hands. 
This communication skill is carefully passed from one generation
 to another and it is practiced until it is perfected.
 The little girl is doing great




Weird things that are banned in some countries


Arab Girl Singing ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ in Arabic

Talented Catherina Haddad dedicating this
 special Arabic-Syriac Christmas Song

"May our similarities be greater than our differences"


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Sister Tries To Sell Her Brother To The Pet Store

Little girl wants a new toy and she figures out that one way
 to get some money is by selling her brother


Those Funny Animals

Koala joey plays in baby basket
 during first ever photo shoot



The Carbonaro Effect
 Interior Design Switcheroo


Thanks giving


Skateboarding bulldog breaks Guinness World Record
 BBC News


Odds and Ends

which way to the boat ramp?


 Rick's Mercers Rant
 Distracted Driving

Stupid death bt Smartphone
lol lol




Best Dads


Scary..but true


Even Santa Poops


This weeks Signs


Kevin Spacey ‘Beyond The Sea’

Kevin Spacey is not only an amazing actor
 but the guy can actually sing. 
Here he covers the song ‘Beyond The Sea’.
 ‘Beyond the Sea’ is a 1946 contemporary pop romantic
 love song by Jack Lawrence, with music taken from
 the song ‘La Mer’ by Charles Trenet.
 Trenet had composed ‘La Mer’ (which means ‘the Sea’
) with French lyrics completely different and unrelated
 to the English-language version that Lawrence later wrote.
 It has been recorded by many artists,
 but Bobby Darin's version released in 1959 
is the best known by many,
 reaching no. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.


last but not least 
some great pictures


Penguin Always Returns From the Sea 
to Visit Man Who Saved Its Life


Phils Philosophy

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Sandee said...

Got the fabulous package on Thursday. Thank you so much.

I love the yoga practice on that glass bridge. That's awesome.

Love the Grand Cayman shot. That's exactly what they are doing too.

That aerial shot over the neighborhood in Canada is impressive. So uniform and it's fall.

Loved the funny ski resort webcam. That was most fun.

Around the world...always fun.

That little girl can talk with her hands just fine. She's ready to teach others.

Always love the cartoons.

The sister that's going to sell her brother. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha.

Those funny animals. Bwahahahahahaha and then some.

Awww Joey is adorable. Love him.

Love the Carbonaro Effect. She was losing it over the stairwell.

Wouldn't let me watch the bulldogs video. Bugger.

Odds and Ends... My history lesson every week.

Bwahahahahahaha on the Sainsbury's shopping. He's banned forever and he's happy about it too.

Loved the distracted driving rant. Spot on.

Best Dads. Wow, those saves were impressive.

Scary but true... Yikes some folks are morons.

Santa Poops. I didn't need to know this. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha.

Some great pictures? Those were amazing pictures. Wow.

The penguin video was most heartwarming.

Some people won't try bacon for religious reasons. I won't try religion for bacon reasons. Spot on.

Another fine week Phil.

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