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Western Australia
blue haven beach ... Esperance


Man plays Imagine by John lennon
 at piano near Bataclan at Paris attack 

He pulled his piano with a bike up to rue Richard Lenoir
 ten meters from the Bataclan, the theater THAT was the scene
 of the bloodiest terrorist attacks in Paris. 
Then he began to play the notes of 'Imagine' by John Lennon


Top Ten Smallest countries in the World

Vatican City – 0.1 square miles

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world
 and is located within the city of Rome, Italy.
 It is the home to the Pope and has a literacy rate of 100%.

Monaco – 0.7 square miles

Monaco is an independent microstate 
on France’s Mediterranean coastline. 
It was established in 1297
. It is the most densely populated country in the world
 and home to the largest population of billionaires per capita in the world

Nauru – 8 square miles

Nauru is located south of the Marshall Islands,
 about halfway between Hawaii and Australia
and was established in 1968. 
This tiny island is a coral Atoll,
 that primarily generates revenue from exporting phosphates.

Tuvalu – 10 square miles

Tuvalu is located just north of Fiji 
and was established in 1978.
 It is one of the most secluded islands in the world
 and has only 30 kilometers of roads. 
The highest point on the island is only 4.5 meters above sea level.

San Marino – 23.5 square miles

San Marino is a country located within Italy
 and was established in 301 A.D. 
It claims to be the world’s oldest republic 
and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.
 The entire country of San Marino
 could fit inside Washington, D.C., three times.

Liechtenstein – 62 square miles

Located between Switzerland and Austria,
 this country became independent in 1866.
 Liechtenstein has the third-highest GDP worldwide
 and is ruled by Prince Hans-Adam II.

Saint Kitts & Nevis – 100 square miles

This group of islands, located off the coast of Puerto Rico,
 was established on September 19, 1983.
 The islands were some of the first islands occupied by Europeans.
 Tourism and diving are the biggest sources
 of income in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Maldives – 115 square miles

The Maldives is made up of 1,190 small islands
 and was established on July 26, 1965. 
Rising ocean levels have forced some islands to be evacuated.
 The country has very strict Islamic-based beliefs,
 making alcohol forbidden outside any resorts. 
In 2009, the government held an underwater cabinet meeting 
to talk about the threat of global warming.

Malta – 122 square miles

Malta is a group of islands located south of Italy
 and was established on September 21, 1964. 
Considered one of the most densely populated countries
 in the world and is also the original home of the Maltese dog breed.
 It was one of the most heavily bombed places during WWII.

Grenada – 132.8 square miles

This island, located just north of Venezuela, 
was established on February 7, 1974. 
There’s an active volcano near the island called Kick’em Jenny.
 Grenada also features 45 black and white sand beaches.


French kid and his father
 interviewed after Paris attack


Miscellaneous Cartoons


2015 Kings Baby Race
More exiting than the actual basketball game taking place,
 this baby race really got the crown exited about the venue
. They should probably make this
a sport in the next Olympics


With love ......  from Canada

In Montreal



Sainsbury’s  Christmas Advert 2015 
 Mog’s Christmas Calamity


Stupid Men

One of our regular patrons, a truck driver,
 entered the cafe where I worked
 and hobbled painfully over to a table. 
“What happened?” I asked.

 “I hurt my back at work,”
 he explained with a grimace.

 “Gee, I thought those rigs were equipped 
with cushioned seats, air springs
 and swivel controls,” I said.

 “The seats are great,” he confirmed. 
“It’s the ground that hurts…
I fell out of my truck.”

A group of blokes who always enjoyed their game of golf,
but one of the boys was having trouble seeing the ball.
 His friends kept telling him he needed glasses.
 Finally, he bought himself a pair
 and his game improved 100%
. Back in the club room they were talking over a few beers.
“You’re playing better since you got your glasses,” one said.
“You’re right, I look down and the ball’s
 as big as a basketball, just can’t miss it now,” he said.
After a few more beers, he said.
“Gotta go to the toilet, be back in a minute.”
When he came back,
 all the front of his trousers were wet.
“Gee, what happened to you?” his mates asked.
“Don’t know,” he replied,
“got in there, pulled it out and it looked too big for mine,

 so I put it back!”


Sqeauky Shoes changes her mood


A young Hamlet


The Carbonaro Effect 
Maximum Security Jewelry Store


Odds And Ends


 A comely redhead was thrilled to have obtained a divorce 
and dazzled by the skill and virtuosity of her lawyer,
 not to mention his healthy income and good looks.
 In fact, she realized, she had fallen head over heals in love with him,
 even though he was a married man.

 “Oh, Sam,” she sobbed at the conclusion of the trial,
 “isn’t there some way we can be together, 
the way we were meant to be?”

 Taking her by the shoulders, Sam proceeded to scold her,
 “Snatched drinks in grimy bars on the edge of town,
 lying on the phone, hurried meetings in sordid motels rooms – 
is that really what you want for us?”

 “No, no…” she sobbed, heartsick.

 “Oh,” said the lawyer.
 “Well, it was just a suggestion.”


Meskel Square
 Addis Ababa
This is how a major intersection with NO white or yellow lines,
 NO directional arrows, 
NO traffic lights and No-one directing
traffic works.
In this time lapse video
, we see the intersection at Meskel Square,
 the nerve centre of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Watch out for the pedestrians as they navigate
 the seemingly chaos with apparent stealthy.
Driving or walking this intersection 
is not for the timid, patient or slow-thinking.
 No one with those limitations would ever get through.
Driving this intersection takes nerve and split-second timing.

thanks Jayne M



Faith In Humanity Restored 2015 
 Helping Others


Stand Back ... I got this


The Pilot 
 Eric goes flying on a plane for the first time!
Eric is a chef at a college dorm. Last December, 
we were talking about superpowers
 and he said he wanted the ability to fly.
 He had never flown in a plane before
. The plan was to show up to his house at 8 AM on
 a Saturday and go "bowling." 
In reality, there was a small plane waiting to take us into the air. 


This weeks signs


La Marseillaise Casablanca


"Word of the week"


Phils Philosophy


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Sandee said...

Imagine is the perfect song to play after the Paris attacks.

Smallest countries. I knew some, but not most.

I saw the French kid and his father interviewed yesterday. Excellent.

Love the high beams cartoon. I would have liked to have had that spotlight a time or two.

The Kings baby race was cute, but that one little guy was have a huge meltdown. Bless his heart.

Love all the things from Canada...Sorry.

Loved all the school buses.

Sainsbury's Christmas Advert...Mog's Christmas Calamity indeed. Yikes. I love a happy ending though.

Stupid men. You can't fix stupid.

Squeaky shoes was adorable. I want a pair.

I need vitamin SEA too.

The Carbonaro Effect is always fun. The looks on peoples faces is priceless.

Odd and history lesson each week.

I stole the lawyer joke. It will post on the 29th. I gave you credit as always!

Yikes on that traffic in Ethiopia. Yikes.

Life Hacks. How cool. I didn't know any of these.

Helping others. Powerful, powerful.

Eric and his superpower. That was cool.

This weeks signs. Always enjoy these.

Another fine week Phil. Whatever you're doing this weekend have a ball. ☺

Anonymous said...

Mogs the cat is not the only one - - we are wondering what happened to our

Christmas Spirit this year - - with temps of 20 degrees?? Not normal for Europe!!!

Vitamin sea - - lovely - - but I have grown to love the mountains - - is there a

Vitamin for that??

Lime for migrain?? I must try that one!!!

I love the dog cleaning his own poop - -strickly forbidden in Swissland - -

must Show the pic to my dog, and we must have a serious Chat about him doing his THING on the streets.

Aaaah delightful Humphrey Bogard - - what a man -- pity he never lived Long

enough - -but then he was a chronic smoker...!!

I can sit here all afternoon and Chat about the good stuff you post Phil - -


Unfortunately Facebook has the upperhand - - and the BLOG is history!!

What a shame - - on the blog we got to meet and Chat to lovely People - -

but on FB - - all they do is CLICK onto the damn LIKE BUTTON - -

Thank you again for all your effort to make us smile Phil - -

and thank you for keeping us informed and amused - -

Have a great week dear friend!!

Best of everything


behind the snowy Apls.