Saturday, November 28, 2015



Western Australia
Pinkey's Beach   Rottnest Island


Minions For Christmas!!!


Beauty is everywhere


A Very Touching Story, Spain

This is the story of Justino,
 a night security guard at a mannequin factory in Spain.
 Because of his late night work he was mostly alone all the time 
and Justino never really got to see his day coworkers,
 but he would try to communicate with his fellow employees
 by cheering them up using the mannequins at the factory.


Around the World






New Zealand



Abu Dhabi

Hong Kong









I posted this video a couple of weeks ago
Its worthy of a re run
John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015




Buster Keaton 
 The Art of the Gag


Miscellaneous Cartoons


Kid Battles Through Hiccups
 And Performs the Australian Anthem


Celebrities .............  Real Names


Like diamonds in the sky
This is Junior, a French bulldog
 who feels the music right down to the bone


Those Funny Animals


Dolphins, a Seal and a Whale
near Phiilip Island  Victoria



Interesting French Commercial

When giving gifts this holiday season make sure 
you understand the responsibilities 
and consequences associated with certain gifts.


Fun Facts


The Jaguar Car Fake Simulator

Jaguar invited people to experience the only virtual reality
 simulation worthy of a Jaguar. 
One that turned out to be not so virtual.
 Watch their reactions.


Odds and Ends


Michael and Shakira   Caine


The best dry humor kid magician




 Bird sounds from the lyre bird 
 David Attenborough - BBC wildlife


This Weeks Signs



10 Viral Photos That Fooled Everyone


What your Super Hero does in their spare time


Farewell To The Forest 
a film by Unilever
A tree may be safer in the city than in the rainforest.


Phils Philosophy

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1 comment:

Sandee said...

Minions for Christmas. Too cute. Loved the music.

Noah and Lucas Aldrich. Awesome.

Oh the lab and the squirrel. Dogs are so very smart.

Oh the surgical staff that fixed that little boys stuff wolf. That was more than awesome.

Loved Justino. That was most wonderful.

Oh the cleaning of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling. That's amazing.

Loved the John Lewis Christmas Advert. Going to post it for Christmas this year.

The Buster Keaton video was great. I had no idea.

The celebrities real names. Most I didn't know.

Loved the French bulldog. Too cute.

So that's what happened with the unicorns. Bwahahahahahaha.

Awww on the dolphins, the seal and the whale. Way cool.

Loved the French Commercial. That was a nightmare gift. One destructive little bugger too.

All those experts were so very wrong about so many things that did happen.

Loved the Jaguar fake simulator. That was way cool.

I always enjoy your Odds and Ends.

Still love the spot the difference. Yes it's the color of the car.

Loved the love stories. I didn't know about either of them.

The kid magician was funny and very talented.

Loved the neighbors. Oh there are so many like those folks.

Always love the signs. Never disappoints.

Hug left curb when leaving...Bwahahahahahahaha.

10 viral photos that fooled everyone. You can't even believe your eyes anymore.

Another great week Phil. Enjoy spending the last hour and a half here.

Have a fabulous day. ☺