Saturday, May 7, 2016


 Thank You, Mom 
 Rio 2016 Olympic Games


Western Australia
the new bridge at "the Gap'  Albany




Little Big Shots 
 Amazing Kids Singing Duo


Miscellaneous Cartoons


The Carbonaro Effect 
 Shaquille O'Neal and Michael 
 Prank an Unsuspecting Fan


the police are also human


Messed up with the wrong girl

More Karma


those funny animals

Watch Tuffy jump for joy in his first days outside
 after being rescued from a bear bile farm
 where he’d spent years of torture in a tiny cage.

This is what it looks like when an animal gets freedom
 after a lifetime of captivity.
 Tuffy the bear was rescued by Animals Asia after spending years 
on bear bile farms in China.
 He was kept in a tiny cage so that his bile could be extracted
 for use in traditional Chinese medicine. 
Having been rescued by Animals Asia,
 Tuffy will be able to live out his remaining years
 in the peace of the Chengdu sanctuary.

Jimbo and Jim

It's all fun and games until a bear drools all down your head and the back of your neck

Cuddling with a 1400 lbs. Kodiak Bear

This massive Kodiak bear loves to cuddle with his caretaker. 
This bear is 22 years old and when standing fully upright
 on its hind legs at a height of 3 m (9.8 ft.)
 it’s just amazing.



Baby kangaroo gets a bath and a blow dry 
Natural World 2016


Around the World







Hong Kong








North Korea








Scary Magician




Alaska Whale Feeding in Knudson Cove!



Britain's Got Talent 2016
 Jasmine Elcock 
A True Teen Singing Superstar 


Odds and Ends


How to Husk a Coconut




The French Song 



This weeks signs


Brett Feldman chose an unlikely route in medicine—
serving his city's homeless population. 
The concept of Feldman's street medicine program comes
 from the idea that everybody matters.
 As program director, Feldman travels the streets of Allentown, Penn. 
to provide free on-site care where patients feel comfortable.
 That's doing the good work.


"Word of the Week"


Phils Philosophy

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drgeo said...

science breakthrough!

Sandee said...

Thank you, Mom. Wow! It does take someone strong to make someone strong.

Kids....Bwahahahahahahahaha. Always so fun.

Little Big Shots. These kids are amazing. Wow.

Miscellaneous Cartoons. Bwahahahahahaha.

The Carbonaro Effect. He was totally mesmerized by meeting Shaquille. Poor kid. He just can't believe what he saw. Great gag.

Cops rock and it was an awesome job. I loved every minute.

Messed with the wrong girl. He sure did and she took care of business.

More Karma. That was some great karma. The world is full of idiots.

Those funny animals. They are funny and some are oh so cute. Loved the dog on his high-wire the best. That was amazing.

Tuffy loves his freedom. So cute and so appropriate.

That bunny rabbit was smart. Jump, no. Remove the bar, yes.

Jimbo and Jim. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Awww, on the baby kangaroo and blow dry. That was cute.

Around the world. Always fun.

Yuk on the urban jungle in Hong Kong.

Scary Magician. He's good. Really good.

Cheers around the world. Cheers Phil.

We see seals in our harbor and they are impressive. I can't imagine seeing a whale. That would be more than impressive.

Jasmine Elcock. Wow. The voice of an angel.

Odds and Ends... That fire is horrific. Hopes and prayers from me too.

Yeonmi Park. Wow.

I didn't know about Unsinkable Sam.

How to husk a coconut. Me makes it look easy. I'm guessing it isn't easy.

Laziness. Oh I see laziness all. the. time.

This weeks signs.

Brett Feldman. What an awesome group of folks.

Maybe if we start telling people the brain is an app. they will start using it? You think? It would be wonderful.

Another fine week Phil.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Anonymous said...

Yes Mom's are extra Special and soo hard to live without.

Kids are exceptional and bitter not to have around to drive us up the wall

no more. (meeting his baby sister for the fist time, is awsome)

That dumb guy in the Elevator sure messed with the wrong Gal.

I love the animal Antics and as for that baby elephant... could it be Spring time

in Africa? I guess so coz everything looks sooooooo green.

Yip Avocados are very fattening - - even squirrels must watch their diet.

I just love that baby kangaroo . . . . gosh I'd freelance only to give him his daily


Wild cherry trees in Japan - - - WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Punker/boxed haircuts for Dogs in Japan- - -aaah well, what's good for the

human is good enough for our 4 legged buddies - - - mine would never ever

speak to me again,, he's sooo vain. :-) :-)

Beautiful photo of the blizzard in the Swiss mountains - - all too familiar.

As for the difficult English language . . . . . that caused many a laugh here at

my end of the world....ok we won't be nasty or laugh at others . . . I also had

to learn this crazy mixed up Swiss dialect some years ago :-)

What's with that scary magician? Is that guy Alien or for real?

""Cheers from around the world"" Some Afrikaans speakers will say

Gesondheid which means as much as "Good health" Most English

speaking South Africans will say "Cheers" Personally I prefer the Italian

version of CIN CIN.

Once you've eaten/ tasted one of the many German sausages you'll neither

have a phobia nor fear the worst. I may be living in Switzerland,,,, but the

German wurst is TOPS. :-)

How I love the honey comb - - -haven't seen or eaten it since my days way

back home in good ol' South Africa. Here not available - - sigh!!!

HE definately brings home the bacon, that fridge is stashed to the brim.

Brave "unsinkable Sam" he must serve 6 more warships.

I'd rather WATCH that guy who opens the coconuts - - too risky for me.

To copy his methods - - I won't have any fingers left to write you a


How fresh is fresh - - - must be mega fresh if customers can do so much

damage to an Apple tart.

Now I am sitting back with a cuppa to enjoy your golden Oldie Lucille Starr-

and yes---- it's quite sad that no-one sees our Young heart hidden beneath

an aging face.

Thank you so much for all your effort Phil - - -

Have a great day and take good care.

Celeste behind the snowy Swiss Alps.