Saturday, May 14, 2016


Western Australia

This is one of the swimming holes around Melaleuca Falls 


Funniest Mom Fails



Have you ever had a dream like this?


Little Big Shots - Best of the Rest


Miscellaneous cartoons


. Take a virtual ride on the 


 dive coaster in the world


Idiots of the World


Animals never fail to make us laugh


Those funny Animals

Cat Watching Horror Movie
probably Psycho


Sea Lion in Cabo San Lucas
 Chases Boat and Comes Aboards for a Fish!


Things you didn't know about Africa


Anne Klinge 
 Britain's Got Talent 2016


Around the World



South America


Sahara Desert

South Korea



North Korea






Britain's Got Talent 2016 
 Scott Nelson A Creative Comedic Magician 





Phun Phacts


The Greatest Birds In Movies Ever


Odds and Ends


Up Close Selfie With Elephant


This weeks signs


Why Does a Pool Table Need a Super Strong Magnet?


Your doing it wrong!!


Word of the Week


Phil's  Philosophy

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1 comment:

Sandee said...

Mom Fails. I've done some of those. More than I'll tell you about.

Kids...well they are entertaining. No, I've never had a dream like that. What did he say anyway?

Little Big Shots...Wow, he's good.

Always love the cartoons.

Will you give me a ballpark figure. That's three.

I'm never getting on the coaster ride. NEVER!

Idiots of the world. Bless their hearts.

Animals always make us laugh. You never know what they are going to do.

Those funny animals. Always fun. The cat watching horror movie has been removed by the user.

Loved the sea lion that came aboard the boat. Too cute.

I didn't know these things about Africa.

Britain's Got Talent. Yes it does. She was really good. Really good.

Around the world. My history lesson each week.

Scott Nelson. That was amazing.

Magic Photobomb Prank. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Phun Phacts. Another history lesson.

Odds and Ends. You have the conservative thing wrong Phil. It's all propaganda created by the liberals. They are the haters. They are the history delete folks too.

Odds and Ends. That guy doing the hand stand is crazy.

Always love the signs. Love that pool table explanation. I had no idea.

You're doing it wrong. Yep and then some.

Another fun week.

Have a fabulous day Phil. ☺