Saturday, October 22, 2016


Western Australia

 Flying over the Ord River


Anne Murray

Song for the Mira


  Fascinating Pictures


A Powerful Animation
 Borrowed Time

A weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident 
he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. 
‘Borrowed Time’ is an animated short film,
 directed by Andrew Coats & Lou Hamou-Lhadj,
 and produced by Amanda Deering Jones
. Music by Academy Award winner Gustavo Santaolalla.


Miscellaneous Cartoons


2 Year-Old Ballerina Crashes Mommy's Audition

and Steals the Show!




Fish Man


Around the World














Lego Man (French: l'homme de Lego) quickly reported back
 that there is no hockey or Labatt Blue in space 
and Canada immediately abandoned the program.






Funny Animals

Kangaroo practising boxing skills



 'Giraffe ' - what if animals were round?



Little girl wants ship to blow its horn


Life is Short...    Enjoy it


What do you see???

What a beautiful parrot,
 Look at all those colors, those beautiful feathers, 
that elegant tail (bear with me, 
I am not a parrot aficionado,
 I am just trying to get you into the mood).
And then, after you have admired it,
 look closer, closer, stare at the picture until you realize
 that this isn't a parrot at all: 
it's a woman meticulously made up to look like a bird.
The above photo is the work of artist 
and former body painting champion Johannes Stoetter 
who spent four weeks planning this shoot,
 five hours setting it up, four hours painting the model,
 and another hour trying to find the pose that most resembled 
that of a real parrot.

The result is beautiful and almost infuriating in its execution.

thanks Clive B


Incredible Little Boy and Girl sing 

"You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban 

(Jeffrey Li & Celine Tam)


Odds and Ends

Pencil Gorilla 


Bike Parkour 2.0 

 Streets of Barcelona!


More Cartoons


'AGT' Finalist 

Jon Dorenbos' Amazing Card Trick


Funny Signs


Newport Harbor 129 ft CRAZY 

Jump Into Water


Phunny Phacts


Old People Fails

 "Retirement Fails" 


"Word of the Week"

Phils Philosophy

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1 comment:

Sandee said...

I love Anne Murray.

Fascinating pictures. They are indeed. That guy sitting on that rock way up high is not very smart. Just saying. Or that glass observation walkway. Nope is right.

Borrowed Time...Wow

Always love the cartoons. The defense rests. Bwahahahahahaha.

Aww on the two year old ballerina. She is adorable.

Stupidity. In spades.

Fish man is pretty stupid too.

Around the World. I love America. I don't love American politics though. Bunch of crooks.

Kids. Always fun.

That kangaroo looks like he's had a couple too many.

Love the baby elephant on the beach. Aww.

And I did notice you posted the orange hairball cartoon twice. Just wanted you to know I'm paying attention.

What if animals were round. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

Domino's. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

That was nice of the ship to sound his horn, but it sure scared her.

Life is short... enjoy it. I do, I do.

I saw the parrot, but after you told me it was a person I found the person too. Brilliant.

You raise me up. Awesome.

Just so you know...I'm voting for Trump. I cannot and will not vote for that crook Clinton. The media makes up stuff about him. Gives Hillary a pass.

Love the turtle house.

So that's how yoga should be done. Works for me.

Stairwell temporarily closed. Oh really.

Bike Parkour 2.0. Wow, awesome.

Ellen and the card trick. He's really good.

Sunny signs. Always love the signs. Please check if you've flushed. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Old people fails. I could do any of those things. Oh wait, I've already done some.

Another fun week.

Have a fabulous day Phil. ☺