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Western Australia

Observatory Point       Esperance

A quick view of Kalbarri

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Tom Hanks' Best Bits on The Graham Norton Show

Hurricane Harvey

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Italian Spelling Bee

Photographers with their most famous photo

Roses and Coins Magic

Back to School
[well... in the Northern Hemisphere]

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The Greatest Ninja Cat You Will Ever See!

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The Seljalandsfoss Waterfall In Iceland





Sheldon and the Xbox

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Babies and Pets

Jason & Meagan Play
 Chet Atkins' Freight Train & Floyd Cramer's Last Date

Jason Coleman, grandson of Floyd Cramer,
 and Meagan Taylor, niece of Chet Atkins
, bring new life to the music of their legendary predecessors.

Wait for it!!

Odds and Ends

Blue Angels Sneak Pass Reaction Chicago 2017
The Blue Angels Are Pretty Good With Their Element of Surprise
While the crowd watches the Blue Angels jets 
perform maneuvers in Chicago
, one of the Blue Angels sneaks right behind the crowd.

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Funny Signs


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Pretty Cool Bridge building

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