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Darci Lynne is an amazing 12-Year-Old Ventriloquist
 who continues to stun the audience and judges
 on America’s Got Talent with her singing. 
As if being a ventriloquist wasn’t difficult enough
 Darci manages to sing like a pro in her entertaining act
. In this semi final performance,
 her puppet Edna serenades Simon as she sings
 “Like A Natural Woman”.
 Simon is a hit with the ladies in their eighties.

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An Unexpected Furry Guest

While shopping at a local hardware store in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 
a woman spotted a super cute brushtail possum
 enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet in the store's garden section.

"While wandering through the garden section,
 I was surprised to see a very special animal customer eating
 the tomato and strawberry seedlings.
 A native Australian brush-tail possum,
 which is usually nocturnal must have felt a bit hungry.
 He didn't appear to be frightened and seemed to relish the attention! 
Protected by law they can't move him more
 than 30 meters away from where he is found."


Matt Damon:
 "This is the Most Fun 
I've Ever Had on a Talk Show"


Confounds the Science 
 (Parody of) Sound of Silence

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 horse within a horse

One Third Reich

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 Fails Compilation 2017

Dropped Wallet Karma

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English language spoken by Americans.
 "Michael McIntyre"

What a time to be alive!!

German man sets new record for carrying beer steins

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Passed out on his boat
Gets annoyed when awoken

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