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Western Australia

Milky Way over the Pinnacles north of Perth

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 Girls Edition 2017!

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Charlie Chaplin

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Phil Mickelson hilariously cutting
 off Tiger Woods first tee introduction


Logging truck crossing bridge like a boss

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Cool Dancing Grandpa

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Koala Concerns

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Eye Drop Commercial from Germany

Sharp Eyes Hit The Target Every Time
Not a single word is spoken but I think you’ll clearly see
 the creative message in this video.
 If you’re trying to hit your target then it’s important
 to have a steady hand and keen eyesight.
 There’s nothing worse than having itchy
 or dry eyes especially if you’re trying to do something
 that requires extreme focus and concentration.
 This might just be the best ad you’ll ever see for eye drops.

iPhone X (parody)

Odds and Ends

Tennis Boys Band

You had one job!!


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Optical Illusions #2

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Break Yourself
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 (September 2017)

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Muppet Show 
 Mahna Mahnam

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