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Western Australia
Snorkelling near Ningaloo Reef


Gratitude HD - Moving Art™

 I have posted this video before buts its a good time of the year for a re-run
Gratitude is an inspirational short film from Moving Art filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg
 that will hopefully cause you to be Thankful for today.
 I’m just as guilty as the next person as taking so many wonderful things 
that we experience in our daily life for granted 
but I try to be thankful for the little things as much as possible.
 He mentions having hot and cold running water
 and this is definitely something I’m thankful for.


Christmas In The Movies
 Christmas In Australia

They always have snowmen in Christmas 

In real life, we gather around the tree

 Hanging by the fireplace happens a lot in movies.

People stay warm at Christmas
time in the movies, by the tree.

In the movies, people come together
 to sing Christmas carols

During Christmas in movies,
 it’s always snowing and cold.


Amazing Grace, David Döring


Those Funny Animals

Size Doesn't Always Matter

Gorilla Reunion: 
Damian Aspinall's Extraordinary Gorilla Encounter
 on Gorilla School


This video tells the story of Wounda,
 one of the more than 160 chimpanzees living 
at the Jane Goodall Institute's Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center
 in the Republic of Congo.
 Wounda was saved and cared for at the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center
 and she's getting released back into the wild. 


And from Tundra Comics

Chobani Bear Game Day Commercial


Heart Warming Pictures from Around the World 


Joe Cocker - You are so beautiful 


Boat Names


2014: Year in emotions... Zapatou


Weirdest Photos of 2014 


Vienna State Opera, funny ballet.

North Korea and Sony


Meanwhile in Australia

Meanwhile in Alaska


Something info to know about Cuba


and not forgetting Canada

10 things you can only do in Canadfa

1. Sour toe cocktail (Dawson City, Yukon)
You can drink fermented horse milk in Mongolia or rocket-fuel raki in Albania,
 but only in Canada can you drink a cocktail served with a human toe.
 Sixty-thousand people have joined the Sour Toe Cocktail Club.
 The toes occasionally get swallowed, despite a hefty fine.

2. Snorkel with salmon (Campbell River, B.C.):
For a unique view of the Pacific West Coast’s annual salmon run,
 grab a wetsuit and let the current carry you downriver.
 You’ll float past tens of thousands of salmon 
migrating upriver to spawn and die.

3. Fire a gun in a mall (Edmonton): 
The West Edmonton Mall is the largest on the continent, 
attracting 30 million visitors a year. 
It’s also the only mall where you can fire a .44 Magnum,
 and other weapons, in the Wild West Shooting Centre.

4. Narcisse snake dens (Narcisse, Man.): 
Each spring, the world’s largest concentration of snakes,
 up to 150,000 red garters, slither into rock dens for their annual mating ritual.
 Visitors can pick them up, so long as they’re gentle.

5. Crooked Bush (Hafford, Sask.): 
Wild aspen forests in the prairies grow straight and tall, 
unless you visit this mysterious grove, 
which bend, twist and knot like a Tim Burton movie prop. 
Blamed on an unexplained genetic mutation.

6. Spend a night in jail (Ottawa):
Canada’s hotel options are vast, but only one is a former prison,
 haunted by ghosts of the condemned.
 When the Nicholas Street jail closed in the 1970s
 due to inhumane conditions, it reopened as a backpacker hostel. 
Guests lock themselves in cells for the night.

7. Go for an Ice raft (Quebec City):
Each February, Quebec hosts the world’s largest winter carnival,
 where you can ice-raft, dance in ice palaces and 
watch paddlers race across the cracked-ice soup of the Saint Lawrence River
 for the annual ice canoe race.

8. Raft a tidal wave (Urbania, N.S.): 
When the world’s largest tides back into rivers that feed them, 
it creates a true tidal wave. 
Hopping on a raft with an on-board motor to slam 
into this natural water park is distinctly fun,
 and uniquely Canadian.

9. Get Screeched (St. John’s, N.L.): 
To become an honorary Newfoundlander, 
visitors kiss a petrified cod (or a toy puffin’s behind),
 listen to ribald banter and shoot strong rum, known as screech.
 Only the brave pucker for the fish;
 screech has that effect on people.

10. Fly in a DC-3 (Yellowknife): 
Buffalo Airways is the world’s only DC-3 airline, 
serving remote communities on the 1935 aircraft, 
and providing fodder for the TV series, Ice Pilots NWT.
 Aviation enthusiasts visit from around the world for a ride.


Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank


Some Laws that other counties should consider or adopt


The Monkey Business Illusion


Google - Year in Search 2014


Funny Gif''s


Full Service Car Wash (wait for it)
never trust a valet service!!


Odds and Ends


Audra Pulled Over
Dads best present


Phun Phacts
about anything and everything


Domino Chain Reaction


This weeks Signs


Thai Festival Fireworks


Phils Philosophy

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