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Must Watch The Funniest Clip Of The Year 
As ANTIFA protester Gets Hit With Some 

Three English explorers travel to a remote area of the Amazon 
and began to set up their camp.
 With the local natives help,
 they began to erect their tents and shelters
 for their experiments when they hear a strange cry from above them.
 They stand in the clearing watching
 as a large condor sized bird swoops down towards them.
 It's loud cry of "FOO FOO" captivates them
 as they stare at their first new strange creature
 of the jungle not noticing the locals diving for cover
 in the bushes and shelters.
 Suddenly the bird defecates in midflight covering one explorer
 in foul smelling feces consisting of fish guts and berry seeds.
 The other two explorers roar with laughter at his misfortune
 "better you than us".
 Gagging from the smell, the unfortunate explorer dives into the river 
and promptly dies. 
The natives emerge from their hiding places
 and explain the feces of the Foo bird is highly poisonous
 when mixed with water and must never be removed by bathing.
 The two explorers cannot believe this explanation
 and assume something in the water,
 perhaps a snake or micro organism killed their colleague. 
The explorers go about their tasks of collecting flora and fauna
 keeping a watchful eye on the sky for the Foo bird.
 Weeks later one of the explorers in a large clearing heard 
the chilling sound from the sky "FOO FOO" 
He ran for the cover of the bushes but the Foo bird sprayed him
 before he could reach cover.
 He doubted the locals explanation but he could only stand the smell
 for a week before he poured a bath of filtered and boiled water
 to eliminate any possible dangers.
 He stepped into the bath and immediately died.

The remaining explorer now convinced of the toxicity 
of the Foo birds feces concentrated his attention 
on the sky to avoid this dive bombing demon.
 He still conducted his collecting and experiments
 but always with an eye skyward. 
One day while concentrating on a spider repairing his web
 he was distracted enough to miss the fatal cry FOO FOO. 
The bird sprayed him with the foul sticky stench 
but he resisted the temptation to bath.
 In fact he never bathed again knowing it would mean his immediate demise.
 Even after his return to England he put up with the foul stench
 and the disapproving looks from his countrymen 
as they couldn't bear to be near him. 
Shrugging his shoulders he cited the old adage
"when the Foo shitz, wear it"


1959 Larry Collins plays a wild version of Duane Eddy’s “Ramrod”
 live on the Town Hall Party!
 Wearing his famous gold lamé jacket made by
 Nudie Cohn of Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors in North Hollywood!
 Elvis had the same tuxedo made as well in 1957.
 Joe Maphis on the Gibson EB-1 electric bass,
 Jimmy Pruitt on piano and Pee Wee Adams on drums! 
The town hall party house band joins in
and rocks out on their solos! 

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The Economist has put together its annual list 
of the cities that have the highest standard of living
 based on factors such as crime, health care, 
culture, and access to transportation.

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A man was visiting his elderly neighbor 
and was given a tour of his home.
In the den was a stuffed lion.
The neighbor asked,
“When did you bag him?”
The old man said proudly,
“That was three years ago,
 when I went hunting with my ex-wife.”
“What’s he stuffed with?” 
asked the neighbor.
“My ex-wife,” replied the old man

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