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Western Australia

The legendary Gibb River Road is an icon of outback adventure
 through the heart of the Kimberley in Australia's North West
. The Pentecost River crossing is one of the most famous
 river crossings on the 660 kilometre dirt track that passes
 through remote station country with magnificent scenery
, including the Cockburn Ranges shown in this photo by


Introducing the self-driving bicycle 
in the Netherlands


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You've Gotta Love Millennials 
 Micah Tyler


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"Babies Who Can't Stay Awake Compilation" 




Hummingbird Pool Party Number Five!


Funny Animals


While exploring Australia's beautiful Rottnest Island on bikes,
 a couple spotted a pair of adorable quokkas
 and stopped to make friends with the mini marsupials.

"A short ferry ride from Perth,
 Australia lands you at this amazing little island 
that's home to the happiest animal in the world animal -
 the quokka."


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New Zealand




First-Ever Russian Car Curling Tournament

An auto curling tournament was held for the first time in Russia on Saturday.
 Four teams competed by pushing small cars, 
stripped of heavy parts, toward a target painted on an ice rink


When a picture is worth 1000 words


China's panda diplomacy,


Odds and Ends

A funeral procession pulled into Pressley Cemetery. 
Several car loads of family members followed a black truck towing a boat
 with a coffin in it. 
A passer-by remarked
“That guy must have been a very avid fisherman.”

“Oh, he still is,” remarked one of the mourners.
 “As a matter of fact, he’s headed off to the lake
 as soon as we bury his wife.”

Three spies get captured.
 One spy is French, one is German
 and the other is Italian.

Their captors come into the cell and grab the French spy
 and tie his hands behind a chair in the next room.
 They torture him for 2 hours before he answers all questions 
and gives up all of his secrets.

The captors throw the French spy back into
 the cell and grab the German spy.
 They tie his hands behind the chair 
as well and torture him for 4 hours
 before he tells them what they want to know.

They throw him back into the cell and grab the Italian spy.
 They tie his hands behind the chair and begin torturing.
 4 hours go by and the spy isn't talking then 8 hours,
 then 16 and after 24 hours they give up
 and throw him back into the cell.

The German and French spies are impressed 
and ask him how he managed to not talk. 
The Italian spy responds,

"I wanted to, but I couldn't move my hands!"

Wait for it
Scrambled eggs!!



Snow Shoveling Shenanigans



Most dominoes toppled in a circle 
Guinness World Records


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So You Want to Sunbathe with a Chocolate Lab


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This is what 1,000 Indian Runner ducks
 on their way to work looks like

A vineyard in South Africa hires them to eat snails!


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