Saturday, October 29, 2016


Western Australia

upper Margaret River



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Ukulele Sunshine Kids 

"You are my Sunshine"


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Cher: I Got You Bae

Cher has been to The Late Late Show presenting
 a special version of her 1965 uber hit „I Got You Babe“ 
– featuring host James Corden and modernized lyrics.


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The Fastest Hole of Golf


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Holy Water




Robin Williams STS-26 

"Good Morning Discovery" wake-up call

Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams (1951-2014)
 contributed a wake-up call to NASA's 1988 STS-26
 "return to flight" mission after the loss of space shuttle Challenger.
 "G-o-o-d morning, Discovery!" 


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Easter Island



Quokka Selfies







How to tell your in Canada!




Brolga discovers that mothering camels
 is entirely different than raising kangaroos.



Watch Jose Mourinho and John Bishop

try and keep straight faces

 while making terrible jokes


Phun Phacts


Rare footage of extinct animals


Funny Animals

Sheep Dog


Please Re-Elect Gerald

This is what a political ad should be.
 Gerald Daugherty is a county commissioner in Travis County, Texas.
 He’s either a pretty good actor, or else this is exactly how he is in real life.
 And his wife Charlyn is an excellent actor. 
This ad is for his re-election campaign this year. 
What you want in a local office like this is someone 
who cares about the job and is willing to do the work.
 It helps if he (or she) knows what they are doing.
 This ad conveys all that in a 60-second drama 
that will also make you laugh.


Odds and Ends

How the Fashion Industry works


Candid Camera Classic:

 Ticket in Your Own Driveway!


more cartoons


The Everly Brothers 

 So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad).


Funny Signs

Gravestone of the future


If you have time to watch all of this you will be amazed at his skill
I was wondering when watching this-
 "So how's he gonna manage this bit?
 Oh, right. But what about this bit?

Jake Shimabukuro 

"Bohemian Rhapsody" 

Ukelele cover

Jake Shimabukuro strums monster sounds out of the tiny Hawaiian ukelele,
 as he plays a cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." 


Number plates and Bumper stickers


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Phil's Philosophy


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