Saturday, January 31, 2015


Western Australia
 Cape Peron .....  near Denham  [north of Perth]


Sheep farmer, Hanna Marriott, celebrated Australian Day 
by laying out food for her sheep in the shape
 of the national flag.. and the word, "OZ"
 a slang term sometimes used for the country Australia.


Your never too old


Betty White's 93rd Birthday Flash Mob


Those Funny Animals

Thinkbox: Harvey & Harmony

A Tribute to TV Dogs


Gotta love this
Best Budweiser ad for sometime

2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog


Police and Donuts


Where are the Unicorns
This ad for the French cable channel Canal,
  gives a little twist to the old story of why
 there are no unicorns in existence today. 
The setting is Noah’s Ark. 
About one second of the video may be NSFW,
 but fine by barnyard standards.



Crazy Plastic Ball Prank !!


Phun Phacts

thanks Brett McG


This Video is not in Reverse.


Around the World





Hawaii USA

Elevator Prank





North Korea

San Francisco USA


United Kingdom

San Diego USA

Somewhere in Asia




Crosswind turboprop torment


Your Having a Bad Day


Park City Alpine Coaster  in the Snow Utah Ski Resort


From Tundra Comics

Instant Karma




Odds and Ends

Family Safety Instructions
 | TAM | Wunderman Brasil


For those who are living with Snow

Aussies doing it tough on Australia Day

Snow shoveling West Virginia style

thanks David T


This video is about 20 minutes in length
but well worth watching for a few life's lessons
Admiral McRaven addresses the University of Texas
 at Austin Class of 2014

thanks Frank A


This weeks Signs


Women vs Gas Station! Funny Best of


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