Saturday, January 26, 2019


Western Australia

This utopia is known as  Wedge Island 
- the ideal Destination Perth spot for four wheel driving, fishing 
or just lazing around and enjoying the weather The island is located north of Lancelin
 and is part of the Turquoise Coast islands nature reserve group.
 Head out of the city for a day trip,
 or stay a few nights in the holiday beach shacks which the location is well known for

It's Australia Day Today
Lots of Australian  video's
Some old, some new
Replays and favourites ...  enjoy 

Fascinating Pictures

‘I Am Australian’ in Yawuru language


New Australia land Australian ad

 calls on Oz and NZ to unite 

Shower Thoughts

A Number On My Back 
(The Wallaby Anthem) 
John Williamson

Way out West 
Red Dog Movie


Tassie devil babies

Funny Animals

This is how you shear 70,000 sheep

Odds and Ends

Koala drinking water

filmed in Adelaide last week when the temperature reached 46C

Rescuing an Injured Koala during 
Summer Heatwave

"In 44-degree heat, this friendly little koala had wandered into town
 to try and find some water and a nice cool place to rest.
 He was suffering from dehydration and had blisters on his feet
 from the scorching hot ground
. Local wildlife rescue was called and they came to rescue
 and rehabilitate the injured koala."

Around the World




South Africa




it's bloody hot mate!!


Lamb Ad 2017

Relaxation places

Magical Land Of Oz

The Ten Year Challenge

Zorba the Greek Yolngu style

Useless stuff

Slim Dusty - Three Rivers Hotel


Waltzing Matilda Territory style 
Ali Mills

Funny Signs

Stan Coster 
The Wobbly Boot Hotel

Creepy Facts

bloody good drinkers ted egan

Sayonara Nakamura-Ted Egan

Toilet Humor

I am, you are, we are Australian

"Word of the Week"

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