Saturday, November 29, 2014


Western Australia

Coral Bay


 Home Insurance Advert 
 Things Matter


The USA recently celebrated Thanks Giving

Closely followed by Black Friday

On a brighter note

Monty The Penguin
 is another wonderful Christmas story 
from upmarket department store John Lewis.
 Monty the Penguin enjoys the time
 he spends with his friend the little boy 
but something is lacking in his life. 
The little boy gets him a Christmas gift he’ll cherish forever.


Those Funny Animals

This Horse Gets Over His Fear Of Water 
In The Most Adorable Way

Spaghetti Eating Competition: 
Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd


Family Pictures



John Lindo and Stephanie Batista
West Coast USA Swing Champions



 How To Mail A Bowling Ball


Punny Business names


Little Old Lady 
 Shortlist of Tropfest Australia


is it still snowing??


A day in November




Mexico's Got Talent


Odds and Ends

Street Racing


Jersey Boys buy an Italian GPS


Men and Women


Epic London Underground Ping Pong Battle

More Phun Phacts


Crazy Circle Illusion!


This weeks Signs

RAPID FIRE Dirtbike Wrecks 2014


Phils Philosophy

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